Make Noise - Power Bus Kit


The Powered Bus Kit is a very easy to realize power solution for Eurorack modular systems up to 1.4A. It consists of an active power distribution baord with 20 connectors for Eurorack modules and a 4HP wide faceplate with an inlet of an external AC power supply (not supplied). this way you can use the system all over the world if you have the correct external supply.


The kit´s layout is pretty flat (less than 18mm) and you can construct flat enclosures what it great for live use. The size of the circuit board allows for easy connecting of two rows of modules without the need of additional wiring.
The power board has a number of spade connectors to expand the power distribution system by more power boards.

Current: 1.4A at 12V line, 1A at -12V line and 250mA at 5V line. All voltages are regulated and have low noise. The system automatically shuts down when 2.2A are exceeded and powers up slowly to prevent blown fuses when having connected several power-hungry modules like the tube modules by Metasonix.

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