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QPAS stands for Quad Peak Animated System. That IS a very accurate description of the new Make Noise module. In words we all are a bit more used to: It is a quad (!) stereo (!!) multimode (HP/BP/LP…SP?) filter. In just 18 HP! QPAS clearly is a Make Noise module, with a novel, very clever and playful approach. The four filters are parallel so it is very easy to obtain formant sounds (aka A-E-I-O-U sounds). But even more so it allows you to steer away from paths already explored. Trust your ears and experiment.



The QPAS has a simplified, but effective interface. You can control the master cutoff (Freq) of all filters. The potentiometer for this sits right in the middle. There are outputs for Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass. And additionally there is also the unusual Smilepass (SP) output. Also there is a resonance control (Q). Q creates peaks, but never reaches to self-oscillation. However with this parameter adjusted to taste, it is an excellent source for pinged sounds by using short gates or bursts as input. In that case Q acts as a sort of decay parameter. To facilitate this there is a (stereo) VCA BEFORE the filters. Not after the filters like in a “normal” voice. That way the VCA doesn’t interrupt the ringing / decaying of the filters!

Radiate L & R lets the peaks of the single filters move away from each other. With the associated pot being turned clockwise the filters move from unison to further and further apart. In between you will also find said formant or vowel sounds. Left and Right Filter frequencies can be radiated / animated independently.

The two inputs labelled “!!¡¡” are left intentionally vague. Ping or Trigger input would be a rough description. What Make Noise writes about them is that they are both different, both associated with several parameters and that you can connect ANY signal to them: LFOs, audio(rate)-signals and also gates and triggers for pinging.

Since QPAS is not a vactrol design and the filter response is exponential, it will never be sluggish and responds exceptionally well and deep to audio rate modulations.


  • analog stereo filter with stereo input and output
  • pre-filter Stereo VCA with CV input and gain
  • can also be used in dual-mono, mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-mono
  • offers 4 multimode filter cores that can be distributed in the stereo field
  • Filter outputs for low pass, bandpass, high pass and novel smile pass
  • Cutoff and resonance control for all 4 filters together
  • CV input for left and right cutoff
  • CV input for filter resonance
  • Filter spread for left and right manually and via CV separately adjustable
  • Ping / trigger input for left and right
Stereo input L and R
Level input (pre-filter VCA)
LowPass, BandPass, HighPass and SmilePass outputs
Cutoff Frequency CV inputs 1 and 2
Resonance (Q) CV input
Radiate inputs L and R
Ping / Trigger inputs L and R
3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide, 30mm deep
power consumption: 166mA @ +12V and 190mA @ -12V
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