Make Noise RxMx


Totally unique is the RxMx (pronounced RixMix) because it combines the organic behaviour of lopass gates with the characteristics of a six-channel mixer and these of a crossfader. The mixer is more a scanner with voltage control addressed selection and modulation of a lopass-gate-channel and/or the number of neighbor channels. "Pinging" creates the simulation of a reverb because of the inert Vactrols' slow decay.



Similar to the optomix Level modulates the amplitude of the active channel and Strike "pings" it. As the channels VCAs are Lopass gates, their levels are determined and modulated with Vactrols which results in a nice and smooth decay.
The Channel parameter selects which of the 6 Low Pass Gate circuits is driven by the Level and Strike parameters and the Radiate parameter turns on channels adjacent to the selected channel. At maximum Radiate settings all six channels become active simultaneously. Radiate therefore allows for voltage control of the complexity of the mix ranging from 1 to 6 active sound sources, while Channel selects the focal point of the mix
In addition to the six channel inputs we find two AUX inputs A and C

due to the three inputs you can create different mixes:

  • All six channels to center
  • Channels 1+2 to Left, channels 3+4 to center, channels 5+6 to right
  • one 4-channel and one 2-channel mix: channels 1+2 to Left and the rest to Center. Or Channels 5+6 to right and the remaining to center.
On the back a header allows for normalizing connections from a DPO or a FXDf.
  • six DPO waves (including two not directly accessible) are assigned to the RxMx's channels and the result is waveform scanning.
  • the FXDf's individual outputs are pre-patched to the RxMx channels and allow for voltage controlled spectral processing


Six signal inputs, two Aux inputs
Outputs: left, center, right
CV inputs: 2x Channel Select, 1x Radiate, 1x Level, 1x Strike input


3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 24mm deep
power consumption: 35mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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