Make Noise - Shared System Black/Gold (Wooden case) incl. power cable


Entire modular system with ten modules from Make Noise.
Special Edition in black/gold plus an Erbe-Verb and a Morphagene.
It integrates sound generators, lopass gates, effects, modulation generatros, a haptic controller and a sequencer. The unique CV-Bus is designed for convenient distribution of CV signals and adds a pre-amp plus stereo output section. The Shared System can be expanded by further modules as 28HP are non-occupied.


The Shared System is housed in a portable wooden case with rubber feet, a carrying handle and a lid which is deep enough to keep the System patched when travelling.
The case meets requirements for carry-on luggage. It offers 208HP space, 190HP of which are occupied by modules and the rest covered by 4HP or 6HP wide blank panels, making the system expandable.
30 patch cords are supplied with the system, each ten in 15cm, 30cm and 60cm length.
An external brick-style switching power supply which can be used worldwide is included. It delivers 1.5 A at +12 V, 1 A at -12 V and 1 A at +5 V.


  • Maths: dual function generator with offset and mix
  • ModDemix: dual ring modulator/VCA
  • DPO: complex dual oscillator
  • Optomix: dual Lopass Gate with mix function
  • Echophon: pitch shifting & echo
  • Erbe-Verb: a very unique and fantastic reverb
  • Wogglebug: clockable weird signal generator for CVs and Audio
  • Pressure Points: touchplate controller with 3CVs per plate
  • Rene 2: cartesian sequencer
  • Morphagene: experimental sampler

CV Bus:

  • pre-amp: 1/4" mono input, gain control, 3.5mm output
  • quad routing buss with color indication
  • output section: 2x 3.5mm mono inputs (L normalized to R), level control, 1/4"TRS output.

Differences between the Shared System and Shared System Plus:

The most important difference between both modular systems is the Tempi module, which is only included with the Shared System Plus. Nonetheless, you might be better off with the Shared System offered here. - Why, you ask? - Because of its case! Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both cases:

Shared System: Wooden case with scratch resistant coating – Extremely rugged, but a little heavier than the Plus case.

Shared System Plus: Steel case – A featherweight, but more prone to scratches.


The black and gold special edition in features:

  • instead of normal aluminium faceplateswith black elox print all modules have the elaborate black faceplates with white and gold graphics.
  • only black/gray and black/white knobs.
  • last but not least: one additional module, the legendary Erbe-Verb and a Morphagene instead of the Phonogene

The included power cord (Schuko plug / Type F) is suitable for many countries in Europe.


Input for external power supply (15V DC, center positive)
see individual modules' descriptions for their in- and outputs


two 3U rows for modules, one 1U CV-Bus row
outer dimensions: 56,5 x 35,6 x 18,4 cm (with lid) inner depth: 6.3cm

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