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STO = Sub-Timbral Oscillator. Compact analog VCO with a wave shaper and a sub-oscillator. It has been designed tfor generating sine waves, variable shape waves, sub octaves and linear FM on the analog domain and it has to be considered the small melodic brother of the harmonic DPO.



The STO is triangle-besed and has outputs for sine, for the variable shape waveform and the sub-oscillator. Besides an linear FM input with depth control there is a 1V/octave input and an exponantial FM input that alos has a 1V/octave characteristic and thus can be used as a transpose input.
The SHAPE control of the variable waveform blends between odd and even harmonics for subtle timbrals shifts. This function is voltafe controlled and the Shape potantiometer turns into an attenuator once a cable is inserted in the shape CV socket.
The sub-oscillator's S-Gate input is used to turn the sub-oscillator output on or off by the use of a gate signal. As this can happen in audio rates it can be used as a sync fuction for the sub-oscillator that is independent of the STO's hard sync function and can be used simultaneously with it.


CV inputs for linear FM, exponential Fm and 1V/ocatve input. Sync input, S-Gate input. Shape-CV input for shape of the variable wave form
Outputs for variable wave form, sub oscillator and sine wave.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 30mm deep
Current draw 40mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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