System Concréte (incl. power cable)


System Concrète is tailor-made for experimental sound manipulations. Centerpiece is the Phonogene, a digital recorder based on the designs of old tape machines. The other modules included in the setup comprise a filter, an effect and modulation circuits. A great combination to carry on the ideas of Musique Concrète.


The module selection of System Concrète is housed in a Skiff case made from powder-coated aluminium. It is 104 HP wide, even though the standard configuration uses only 86 HP. The remaining space is covered by blind panels. It can be used for individual additions to the setup.

Core of the System is a Phonogene sampler. The module can not only record and layer audio material, but is also able to chop up and rearrange captured sounds. For further processing the vactrol-based multimode filter MMG and the delay / pitch shifter Echophon are included. The modulation departement is composed of a Maths function generator and a Wogglebug random control voltage source. Additionally, a multiple is incorported in the setup. The System Concrète ships with patch cables and power supply.

Contained modules:


The included power cord (Schuko plug / Type F) is suitable for many countries in Europe.

Socket for the external power supply plus tons of audio- and control-connectors. (See module descriptions for details.)

546 x 131 x 70 mm (L x W x H)
Internal depth for modules: 51 mm where the bus board is situated, 65 mm elsewhere.
4.2 kg
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