Make Noise Teleplexer


The Teleplexer is an unusual module inspired by the direct and fast entry methods of telegraphy for haptically controlled signal routing. You play it drectly with the tips of patchcords carrying voltages or audio. Depending which contact plate is touched by the cable the signals are routed, mixed, inverted in phase and so on.



For understanding: there are no input sockets. Take an unused end of a patchcord that carries a CV or an audio signal and touch a contact plate with it's tip; this determines the destination(s) and polarity of the signal.
You can use as many input signals as desired. Signals can be added or subtracted (by phase inversion) by using several sources at multiple plates. LEDs display the output signal channel, level and polarity. Signal at the auxilliary inputs (one per output) are mixed directly to the corresponding output
Outputs are buffered and can be patched to multiple destinations without signal loss.


Three outputs and three Aux inputs


3U Eurorack module. 8HP wide. 24mm deep.
Current draw 20mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

0.187 kg
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