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The Tempi is a surprisingly versatile tool. It offers six independent, simultaneously programmable channels, which generate complex rhythmical information based on divisions and multiplications of a simple clock signal. Thanks to two concepts of operation and a broad range of variation possibilities, the module is able to produce sophisticated grooves. Combined with a modern sequencer, let’s say a René, you get an extremely powerful setup for electronic compositions.



The Tempi was designed to produce complex rhythmical information based on a minimum amount of data input. In fact, a simple clock signal, fed into the Tempo input, is all the module needs for basic operation. In case there is no signal, the circuit recollects the last value used.

The Tempi features a highly stable, low jitter algorithm. It comprises six independent channels, which produce new clock data based on divisions and multiplications of the incoming signal. The module can be programmed in real-time by tapping in values or with the help of button combinations. Make Noise calls these two concepts of operation the Human and the Machine mode. The former offers a quantize function with three stages.

Beside the division or multiplication factor the user is also able to edit the phase of each channel. This option can lead to very interesting shifts in time and therefore rhythm. Furthermore, channels can be muted independently. The mod option is a particularly nice feature, as it exchanges the configuration of two or more channels periodically. The process is timed by a gate input. This function makes the Tempi a great source for diversified grooves.

Finalized setups can be saved as so-called States. The Tempi’s storage system offers four banks with 16 slots each. Beside the configuration of all channels, the tempo used is saved as well. Random variations of a State can be done utilizing the Mutate option. When delivered, the module’s first bank is filled with typical clock divider and clock multiplier setups. Thanks to CV and gate inputs the user can use external modulators to switch between States automatically.

Other functions enable the user to tailor the behaviour of the Tempi to her / his particular needs.


six channel outputs
STATE SELECT CV input and gate input, TEMPO clock input, MOD gate input


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 24mm deep
power consumption: 46mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V

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