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The licensed Eurorack version of the programmable mini synthesizer Patchblocks allows the user to to program and to customize the module's behaviour via a intuitive software editor.
Some of the functions the module is capable of are VCO, clock divider, envelope and random generators, counter, shepard generator, sequencer, MIDI converter and many more. It is even possible to use it as a sample player (e.g. for drums) or as an effect.



The module has two independent channels which can fulfill individual functions. For instance a channel can be an osciallator while the other is responsible for clock division.
Per channel there are:

  • A gate or trigger input (0 - 5V) as well as a button for starting events.
  • A CV input (-5V to +5V) which works together with the according potentiometer. If a CV is plugged the potentiometer turns into an attenuator, otherwise it controls the function assigned by the program.
  • A signal input and a signal output (each +/- 10V) which are DC coupled, that means they can handle everything from CVs to audio signals.

Five-pin connectors at the back can send and receive digital audio as well as serial MIDI data between two Patchblocks modules.

New programs can be loaded easily via USB and edited or even created from scratch using a graphic editor software for your computer. In the Patchblocks community many patches are available for free and they are even compatible to the desktop Patchblocks unit.


USB socket (Type B)
two mono audio inputs, two mono audio outputs
two gate/trigger inputs, two CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 50mA of +12V, 25mA of -12V and 30mA of +5V

0.15 kg
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