Malekko - Manther Growl


Manther Growl is an analog synthesizer voice with expressive sound. Its circuit design was based on classics from the 70s and 80s. Malekko uses a CEM3340 IC for the VCO. – The same chip that was used in instruments such as the Prophet-5 or Matrix-12. The low-pass filter is based on the SSM2044, which is known from the PPG Wave 2.3 and the Polysix. In terms of modulators, there are two ADSR envelope and a LFO.



Manther Growl is a compact synthesizer voice that can be played tonally with 1V/octave. The audio output of the voice is the VCA output.

The module offers an oscillator with octave switches (2', 4', 8', 16') and a dial for fine tuning. Individual volume controls and CV inputs for square, sawtooth and triangle waveforms allow you to control the mix manually or via control voltage. In addition, each waveform can be tapped individually. The pulse width of the square wave as well as the strength of the wave folding can be controlled manually or via control voltage. By means of a switch (Tri/All) the wave folding can be applied on the triangle waveform or on the main output (post filter).

In addition, an external audio input with attenuator is provided to send external sounds through the Manther Growl.

The modulation source is an LFO with the following waveforms: Sawtooth or ramp, sine, square and random voltage. The speed can be adjusted from 60 mHz (16 seconds) to 20 Hz using the rotary control. The LFO can be sent to the pitch, pulse width or filter cutoff frequency using three potentiometers. In addition, it can also be tapped at the LFO output to control other functions such as Shape or even external modules.

Manther Growl offers two ADSR envelopes that can be adjusted with sliders. One envelope controls the VCA and the other controls the filter cutoff frequency. If there is nothing patched at the gate input of the filter envelope, the VCA gate input is normalized to the gate input of the filter and both envelopes are started simultaneously. Additionally, there is a manual fader control of the VCA level that can be used to bypass the envelope at maximum setting. The Filter Envelope also provides a fifth fader to adjust how much the envelope affects the filter cutoff frequency and a switch to invert the envelope. In addition, both envelopes can be tapped individually.  

The filter cutoff frequency as well as the resonance can be controlled manually or by control voltage.

The Manther Growl is extremely flexible in sound and can be perfectly integrated into a modular system thanks to its many inputs and outputs.

Gate: Filter ADSR, VCA ADSR
CV: Tri / Saw / Pulse Level, Freq, Res, VCA, PWM, Shape In, 1V/oct
Audio: External In
CV: Filter Env, VCA Env, LFO Out
Audio: VCA Out, Tri / Saw / Pulse Out
3U Eurorack Module, 26HP wide, 34mm deep
Powerconsumption: 300mA auf +12v und 200mA auf -12v
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