Malekko - Manther Synthesizer


The Manther is an analog synthesizer with expressive sound. Its circuit design was based on classics from the 70s and 80s. Malekko uses a CEM3340 IC for the VCO. – The same chip that was used in instruments such as the Prophet-5 or Matrix-12. The low-pass filter is based on the SSM2044, which is known from the PPG Wave 2.3 and the Polysix. Besides the main VCO, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator are available. In terms of modulators, there is an ADSR envelope and a LFO. Furthermore, the Manther features a 64-step sequencer with parameter automation. A delay effect can be used for giving sounds the finishing touch.



Audio generators:

  • VCO with CEM3340 (The original, not a clone)
  • Waveforms: Saw tooth, triangle and pulse with variable width
  • Range switch
  • Glide function
  • Individual outputs for the waveforms
  • Sub oscillator
  • Noise generator
  • Wave shaper with routing options (It either processes just the triangle wave or the signal between VCF and VCA.)
  • Mixer for waveforms, sub-oscillators and noise
  • External audio input


  • Low-pass based on the SSM2044
  • Edge steepness: -24 dB per octave
  • High resonance settings lead to self-oscillation
  • Variable key-tracking

VCA / Delay:

  • VCA can be controlled via the envelope or a gate signal
  • Volume potentiometer
  • Delay with Time, Mix, Feedback and Sync parameters
  • Delay can be modulated via the LFO


  • ADSR design
  • Modulation targets: Pulse width, filter (positive / negative) and VCA


  • Waveforms: Saw tooth, ramp, sine, rectangle, random
  • Sync function
  • Modulation targets: Pitch, pulse width, filter and delay


  • Up to 64 steps per pattern
  • Four banks with 16 storage slots each
  • Probability functions for gate, gate repeat, gate delay and accent commands per step
  • Glide per step
  • Playback directions: Forward, reverse, pendulum and random
  • Parameter automation for VCO, VCF, LFO, delay, envelope, morph and glide
  • Morph function for automations
  • Song mode
  • Synchronization via MIDI or control voltages
  • Button keyboard with transpose options
  • CV and gate outputs for controlling other synthesizers
An external 9 v power supply is included.

Master audio output
Headphone output
Individual outputs for triangle, saw and pulse
Audio input
LFO output
CV inputs for VCO, VCF and VCA
Gate input for VCA
CV and Gate outputs (for the sequencer)
Clock input and output
MIDI input and output


36 x 24 x 13 centimeters

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