Malekko - Quad LFO


The Quad LFO features four low-frequency oscillators with synchronization, reset and trigger options. Thanks to shape and distortion parameters, you can generate complex waveforms in a matter of seconds. The module is also usable as a Quadrature LFO. Thanks to a built-in sequencer with 16 steps, you can record parameter movements and play them back in various directions. – Make your wobble sounds come to life!



The Quad LFO consists of four identical low-frequency oscillators. Using buttons, you can switch between the individual modulators. Five sliders are available for editing, in detail:

  • Frequency: Sets the rate of the select LFO.
  • Phase: Determines the starting point of the LFO respectively shifts the phase relative to the other instances.
  • Shape: This slider allows you to continuously morph between the waveforms sine, ramp, triangle, saw and pulse. The pulse width ranges from 10 % to 90 %.
  • Distort: Add wave folding, bit crushing or noise to the modulation signal.
  • Level: Adjusts the output level of the LFO channel.

Thanks to gate inputs, it is possible to reset each LFO individually. A one-shot mode allows you to use the low-frequency oscillators as envelopes. The so-called Follow function transforms the module into a Quadrature LFO.

The range of the Frequency slider can be changed using the FST switch. This affects all LFOs. You can choose between the settings Fast, Slow and Tempo. The latter is a synchronized mode of operation, meaning the rate options are determined by clock signals received at the Clk In connector.

The clock input can also be used to control the Quad LFO’s built-in 16-step sequencer. In addition, there is a reset socket. The sequencer makes it possible to record movements of the five sliders described above. Results are played back in a loop. You can choose between several running directions, in detail forward, backward, alternating or random. Parameter changes may happen smoothly or abrupt.

Owners of the Varigate 4+ and 8+ can also look forward to auto save and advanced preset functions.


Four gate inputs
Clock and reset inputs
Four LFO outputs


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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