Malekko Richter Dual Borg


The Eurorack module Richter Dual Borg by Malekko combines both vactrol based (meanwhile discountinued) Borg filter modules together with their different characteristics and timbres. Left hand is the slower but mellow sounding Borg 1, to the right the faster and aggressive Borg 2. Both can be used simultaneously, in series and parallel.



Unlike classic vactrol filters or lopass gates the Borg has a resonance circuit borrowed from the Korg MS-20 which sounds a little more dirty. A control blends the filter characteristic from lowpass over bandpass to highpass. The Borgs are more than just 12dB/octave filters: the resonance control is a push-pull potentiometer that turns the filter into a VCA.

The signal path of the Dual Borg is selectable: Series or Parallel.

The Series mode, when you plug into either in 1, or in 2, or even both inputs (as a mix), the signal is routed through the Borg I then the Borg II filter and both out 1 and out 2 have the same signal. Parallel mode is flexible depending on the in- and output signals. a) a single input into in 1 or in 2 is routed through both filters side by side, and a single output (either out 1 or out 2) will give you a mix of both filters. b) If you have only one input but two outputs, out 1 is the Borg I filter only and out 2 is Borg II only. c) If you have two inputs and two outputs, then each filter is completely separate: in 1 and out 1 is Borg I, in 2 and out 2 is Borg II.


Per Filter: In, Out, External CV input with attenuator, KEY-CV input (1V/octave)


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw approximately 80mA

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