Malekko - Richter Envelator


Another Wiard module in the Eurorack form factor is the Envelator.
This unit is a classic AD function generator that can act as a attack/decay envelope generator, a attack/release envelope generator or as a LFO with an interesting delay function.
Using the CV inputs for controlling the A/D times will create living modulations and the two pulse outputs allow for triggering other envelopes for instance.



Attack and decay times: 1ms to 20s. when pulling the attack control (push/pull potentiometer with switching function) the time factor is multiplied by factor 10.
Both time segments can be modulated with CVs at the attenuated AMod and DMod inputs.

In the AD-Mode the gate length is being ignored and allows for very short, percussive envelopes.
The cycle mode turns the Envelator into an LFO which waveform ranges from sawtooth over triangle to ramp, depending on the A/D segement times. Frequencies in lower audio range are possible as well.
The delay function can be enabled with a further push/pull pot and is active only in cycle mode. the delay time sets the time interval between repeats of the A/D cycles and can be modulated by CVs. The delay makes possible very interesting percussive rolls and repeats in combination with rhythmical structures (eg sequencers).

The outputs SQR and END generate opposite pulse waves eg. for triggering other modules, very handy!


unfortunately not available with the Wiard style celtic faceplates anymore :(


inputs: EXT: CV input for delay time, GATE: Gate- input (2V trigger threshold), Amod: CV input for attack time; Dmod: CV input for decay time
outputs: 2 positive outputs, 1 negative output, SQR: Pulse out (+10V during attack, 0V during decay), END: Pulse out after the end of one AD cycle


3U Eurorack module, module width 10HP, 25mm deep. Power consumption approx. 35mA

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