Malekko Richter Mega-Wave


The Richter Mega-Wave is a wavetable lookup module for processing and distorting signals by 8Bit wave tables. It contains wave forms of the original Wiard Mini-Wave.



You can create different functions with the Mini-Wave like quantisation, random, non-linear distortion or waveshaper, depending on the selected ROM. It has no internal oscillator and is not a wavetable-VCO or -LFO but you can easily create one! Patch an oscillator into the input and you will get a 8Bit wavetable oscillator on the output. It just needs an oscillator which drives it.

The Mega-Wave contains 10 of the original Mini-Wave ROMs, each with an own function. There´s a quantiser-ROM, ROMs with wavetables from the PPG or the Prophet VS and some more. Each ROM contains 256 waves you can morph between. The parameters Wave, Bank and ROM can be controlled manually or by CVs. The selected ROM is displayed by one of the 10 LEDs.

Audio signals can be distorted by the wavetables in a non-linear manner.


Der Mega-Wave ist ein weiteres Malekko-Modul aus der Zusammenarbeit mit Grant Richter von Wiard. Es entstammt dem Miniwave-Modul aus Blacet- und Modcan-Modularsystemen.


Audioeingang, Audioausgang. CV-Eingänge für Wave, Bank und ROM.


3HE Eurorack Modul, 16TE breit, 35mm tief. Stromverbrauch ca. 90mA.

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