Malekko - Richter Noise Ring


The Noise Ring is a digital random voltage generator which can output quantised random voltages. Used at high clock rates it acts as a digital tone generator (similar to a noisy digital tone-wheel).
Additionally there´s a internal clock generator with output plus an analogue white noise source.



Based on a shift register, the Noise Ring processes its 8Bit information and reads them into its memory as a repetitive random sequence. Stepping thru the eight steps of this sequence is done by external or internal clock. The rate control sets the internal clock rate.
The Change potentiometer affects, if and how many new data are read into memory. the more new data the more the sequence changes.
The Chance control determines if the new data that are to be writtten into memory (derived from the noise source) rather contain "ones" or "zeroes". You can input external data, eg an oscillator (!) into the Chance Input

The random voltage outputs 1 and 2 have an amplitude of 0-10V and give quantized voltages. Either it quantizes to 1V steps (octave intervals) or 1/12V (semitone intervals).
The External Rate control randomizes the internal clock (one of the random outputs is pre-patched to the ExtRate jack), but you can input other signals as well.
Clocks in audio rates make the NoiseRing play digital tones which can range also into digital noise. The Change control has a big effect on the sound character.


unfortunately not available with the Wiard style celtic faceplates anymore :(


inputs: Chance CV in, Chance in, Change CV in, Clock in
outputs: quantised outputs 1 and 2. Noise out, clock out


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 35mm deep

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