Malekko - Richter Oscillator 2


By releasing this module Malekko presents a prevoiusly unreleased design of Grant Richter (Wiard). This one is a fully analog oscillator with phase modulation of square, triangle and sawtooth waves.
Other than the Anti-Oscillator we have here a VCO with the classic waveforms. Version 2 has an improved design and a dedicated VCO/LFO switch.



Each wave form except sine appears twice: TRI1, SQR1 and SAW1 plus the sine output the normal vesion of the wave, TRI2, SQR2 and SAW2 the phase shifted version. The amount of phase shift can be set manually or voltage controlled with the PhaseMod parameter. The sine and the triangle waves of version 2 have been improved and now are really clean.
Frequency is set with coarse and fine tune controls and a VCO/LFO switch. Besides the 1V/Ocatave input the Richter oscillator 2 has an exponential CV input and a sync input.


Inputs; 1V/octave, exponential CV input, CV input for phase modulation
outputs: TRI1 +2, SQR1 + 2, SAW1 +2, Sine


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 35mm deep
current draw 90mA

0.131 kg
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