Malekko - Varigate 8+


The Varigate 8+ has been designed as the ultimate compact sequencer for an entire Eurorack system. It has eight gate tracks with um to 16 steps length and two CV tracks with individual quantization. Per track and step there are countless functions. Sequences are saved in 100 preset locations in ten song banks.



The Varigate 8+ features eight channels of gates, each with up to 16 steps. In addition there are two quantized 1V/octave channels which can be independent or linked to any gate channels.
Up to 100 presets can be saved and 10 different song banks are programmeble by chosing any sequence of presets. Per bank a musical scale can be programmed.

Per step you can program note and glide. All step parameters can be randomized within a given range. The Freeze gate input turns random sequences into static sequences while active.
Gate channels are programmed using both sliders and buttons.

Functions per channel:

  • direction: forward, reverse, pendulum and random.
  • control of Probability, Repeat, Delay and Pulsewidth
  • Individual clock multiplier, divider and sequence length

Additional functions:
Mute allows for muting a channel or a pattern. Random gate input will apply variations to a pattern. The module has an internal clock generator with clock output socket and a tempo control knob as well as a clock input for synchronization. A clear function is useful for clearing channels and parameter settings. Reset is possbile as well of course.


clock in, clock out, reset input, random gate input, freeze gate input, end output
8 gate track outputs, 2 CV track outputs


3U Eurorack module, 26HP wide, 26mm deep
maximum current draw: 180mA at +12V and 39mA at -12V

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