Malekko - VCA


Dual VCA module from Malekko for controlling levels of audio signals and/or control voltages; 6HP wide, with switchable characteristic and highest quality components.



The characteristic of each VCA can be set to either exponential (for audio) or lineas (for CVs) with a switch. A control determines the amout of modulation.
At +5V DC at the CV input the module will output 0dB (unity gain) at the signal output.
The module accepts input signals of +/-5V, beyond that levels the signal will be distorted. Signals above +/-12V can damage the module!


per sub-unit: 1x signal input, 1x signal output, 1x CV input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 15mm deep
60mA current draw

0.3 kg
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