Malekko - Voltage Block


The Voltage Block is a CV sequencer with eight channels, each containing up to 16 steps. Pattern can be recorded in real-time using the faders of the module. A boatload of additional features makes this circuit a versatile partner for a multitude of applications. Results can be saved using the preset system of the Voltage Block.



The Voltage Block contains eight CV channels, each can hold a sequence of up to 16 steps. Pattern can be quantized individually using the scale feature of the module. Alternatively, the freeform control voltage can be shaped by the interpolation option, creating either smooth or stepped modulations. Other parameters deal with the length and glide behavior of each stage. Sequences can be played back using one of four modes, in detail forward, reverse, pendulum or random. Mute functions per channel and step allow fast variations. The preset system can save up to 100 patterns. For aleatoric music, a randomizer is included in the module.
Controlling the Voltage Block is done with an input, which accepts either a clock or CV signal. Which mode of operation is used can be selected via the switch next to the connector. Clock signals are dividable by up to 16th. CV material can be altered using the offset and attenuator knobs. A second connector serves as gate input. With this element, it is possible to trigger rests and holds. Alternatively to its jacks, the module can be fed from the CV and gate channels of a busboard.
Voltage Block is a great partner for the Varigate 8+. The modules can share a clock plus the preset systems of both units are able to work together.


input for clock or CV signals plus rest / hold connector
eight cv outputs


Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, 20 mm in depth
Power consumption: 120 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V

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