Malekko - Wiard Borg 1 (white)


Out of production.

The Borg Filter – A hybrid of Buchlas Lowpass Gate 292 und and the high-/lowpass filter of the Korg MS 20 (but without individual controls for resonance and cutoff) is a very interesting and aggressive filter which can be used as a VCA as well.

Differences between Borg1 and Borg2:
The Borg 1 has white knobs. It is the as the original blue Wiard 300 series 6U module. It is softer in sound and more percussive, has a longer decay time [by x10] and a more mellow hollow tone. It sounds rather like a classic lopass gate.


The peaking control determines the resonance but also acts as a switch between filter or VCA. The resonance is strong and the filter self-oscillates very fast. A further control blends from low- over band- to highpass mode.
Because of the slow and inert Vacrols used in the circuit it is quite impossible to modulate the cutoff frequency with fast CV signals.


2x Audio In, 2x Audio Out
2x Cutoff-CV In (key in = 1V/oct)


3U Eurorack module, module width 12HP

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