Malekko Wiard JAG Joystick Axis Generator


The next co-operation between Malekko and Wiard brings us the JAG, which stands for Joystick Axis Generator. It is technically identical to the original Wiard 1211 module, only it´s a version for the popular Eurorack.

The JAG combines two voltages X and Y, e.g. from a joystick and generates 10 different flexible voltages depending on them.



The JAG requires two input voltages X and Y, for example from a joystick, which are being combined and twisted in different manners and it will output 10 different voltages. They correspond to corners, sides, dome etc. of a pyramid with moveable tip. Does this sound weird? ... or even wiard?

Now imagine the input voltages don´t come from a joystick that you can easily control with your hand but from random generators, LFOs, sequencers etc. NOW it gets weird...!

The link to the Wiard page underneath displays the functionality of the module very easily by a graphic. And pictures say more than thousand words. Check it out and you´ll get it.

  • bi-directional in- and outputs X and Y (the output works like a THRU)
  • outputs 2, 4, 6 and 8 = edges of the pyramid
  • outputs 1, 3, 5 and 7 = sides of the pyramid
  • dome output = tip of the pyramid
  • edge output = edges of the pyramid ;)

3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption approximately 80mA

0,6 kg
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