Malekko Wiard XMIX


The XMIX module is versatile mixer module which you can use as a voltage controlled crossfader or a VCA.
The module is another cooperation between Malekko and Grant Richter from Wiard.



The XMIX has two signal inputs X and Y, each with an own level control and a LED. The parameter Z controls the balance between signal X and signal Y and can be voltage controlled which can happen in audio rates as well.

The input signal Y can be inverted with a switch. As the X input is normalized to the Y input you can easily fade between the positive and the inverted version of the same signal. The expand jask is an auxilliary signal input without level control.

The XMIX can be used e.g as a 2-into-1 mixer, as a voltage controlled crossfader or as a signal inverter. If you use only one input signal, the XMIX can be used as a VCA as well.


Signal inputs X, Y and Expand. CV input for Z.
Positive and inverted signal output.


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 25mm deep
Current draw approximately 45mA.

0.093 kg
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