Manhattan Analog - DTM


Three-channel mixer module which is a clone of the old Moog CP3 module. a discrete transistor mixer with a very interesting clipping behaviour, fantastic for saturating and distorting VCO waveforms, drums and even for shaping control voltages.
The DTM's circuitry is already known from the input stage of Mahattan Analog's SVVCF filter module.



The module is equipped with threee inputs and each of them has a level control. The fourth potentiometer O is an offset potentiometer, which generates an offset voltage at the output.
Approximately at 13h-position of the input level potentiometer the channel will start to clip and adds a very transistor-specific sound coloration by saturation.

The module is not limited to mixing and saturating audio signals as you might as well shape control voltgages e.g. altering the shape of an envelope or a LFO and the offest control is very handy for CVs as well.


The DTM (discrete transistor mixer) was formerly known as CP3.


three inputs, one output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 39mm deep
current draw: 12mA @ +12V and 12mA @ -12V

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