Manhattan Analog - MA35 VCF/A


The MA35 module is a combination of an analog VCF and a VCA. The filter section is based on the Korg35 filter as used in the legendary Ms-10 synthesizer. It is switchable between lowpass and highpass, has two audio inputs and creates the classic Korg sound i.e. it can sound from smooth to nasty. The VCA is a Korg circuit as well and is built with period (not original, hard-to-find) transistors and op-amps to keep the character as authentic as possible. This vintage-isation makes the module a little raw and noisy but in a very charming way.



Analog voltage controlled resonant filter with integrated post-filter VCA. The filter can be swithced manually and with a control voltage between lowpass and highpass. There are two audio inputs (each with a level control) that are mixed internally - a feature which is found not too often with filters. Audio signals with modular levels can be overdriven beyond 12h position of the which sound kind of fuzzy.

Two CV inputs for modulating cutoff frequency are available, one with 1V/octave and one with an attenuator. The resonance can self-oscillate over the whole frequency range.

Before the audio output you´ll find a VCA which has voltage controlled gain and level parameters.


Audio: 2x input, 1x output
CV inputs filter: 2x cutoff, 1x filter mode
CV inputs VCA: 1x gain and 1x mod


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 45mm deep.
The module is protected against reverse polarity.

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