Manhattan Analog - MIX


The MIX module by Manhattan Analog is a very compact 3-into-1 mixer. It is primarily suitable for mixing audio signals.



MIX works very clean and is suitable for mixing audio for that reason. The module is DC-coupled and mixing control voltages is no problem as well. Three signal inputs with adjustable level and one adjustable output.

The input controls have audio taper potentiometers. A jumper can change the characteristic of the output control: either a normal potentiometer or a polarizer; latter is useful to invert the phase of the audio signal or a CV.

"Unity-Gain" mixer module based on selected low-noise opamps. no crosstalk on the channels and as little coloration of the signal as possible make the MIX a great audio mixer.


3 signal inputs with level controls
1 signal output with level control (potentiometer or polarizer)


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 33mm deep.

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