Manhattan Analog MTX - Morphing Terrarium expander


Expansion module for the E350 Morphing terrarium by Synthesis Technology. It adds two functions that otherwise are only accessible via jupers on the backside of the E350 and has an attenuator in addition.



Upper switch selects between the "Phase" and "Morph" modes. In Morph mode the E350 acts as usual, in Phase mode the outputs XY and Z carry the same signal but phase shifted. This is good for quadrature-LFO applications.
The bottom switch deactivates the interpolation, resulting in crazy glitch sounds. In addition there is a simple attanuator with each one input and output socket. This one is handy as the E350's CV inputs have no attenuators.
The expander is being connected to the Morphing Terrarium instead of the jumpers JP6 and JP7.


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide

0.042 kg
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