Manikin Memotron m2k


The Memotron m2k is a modern hardware clone of the infamous Mellotron M400. Instead of audio tapes, the remake uses digital memory to store and playback sounds. Thanks to this, the Memotron m2k is significantly more compact, more flexible and more robust than its predecessor. Sound, feel and design, on the other hand, are very similar to the classic. The Memotron m2k delivers faithful recreations of renowned Mellotron sounds plus it is fully polyphonic. 100 multi-samples are included. Additional instruments can be added via sound libraries (sold separately). Besides editing functions such as tone, pitch and half-speed, all of which are well-known from the Mellotron, there are additional parameters plus a high-class effects processor. In short: The ideal instrument to experience the sound of music legends such as Genesis, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream up close.


The Memotron m2k features a solid metal housing. For playing the instrument, a keyboard with 35 keys is built-in. Thanks to the Memotron m2k being fully polyphonic, it is capable of generating up to 111 voices simultaneously. To the left of the keyboard, there are volume, tone and pitch potentiometers. The frame switch allows users to quickly choose between three sounds. Another switch makes it possible to play sounds at half speed.  For in-depth editing, a display, an endless encoder and an esc button have been installed. These components can be used to alter attack and release phases as well as parameters of the integrated effects processor, for example. The latter offers the following algorithms: Phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, distortion, delay, reverb.

The Memotron m2k comes with 100 sounds, including all the instruments of the Vintage 1 and Studio collections, samples from various other libraries as well as 57 brand new sounds. Additional multi-samples are available as CDs (see below). Files can be imported via a SD card. The internal memory holds approximately 700 sounds.


Stereo line output
Headphones output
Volume pedal input
MIDI input / output / thru
SD card slot

87 x 8 x 33,5 centimeters
10.0 kg
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