Manikin Memotron Vintage Collection 4 sound set


The fourth Vintage Collection-CD with new old sound for Manikin´s Memotron brings not only classic sounds from different ´Trons and other electro-acoustic instruments but also some precious rare sounds.


  1. New 3 Violins: very good recording of a M400 custom sound
  2. Combined Brass: fat brass sound from tape 43, combined from different sounds
  3. Logan String Melody II "Orchestra": nice string-machine sound
  4. Jangle Piano: slightly dodgy Lennon-piano
  5. M300 Flute: naturally sounding transverse flute
  6. Electric Piano Bass: predecessor of the Fender Rhodes
  7. Vox Super Continental Organ: classic 60ies organ, very nice
  8. M300 Leslie Organ: Hammond organ (recording without Leslie)
  9. Russian Choir: mixed ten-head choir
  10. Trombone: from the Mk1 and Mk2 Trons
  11. Trumpet: real trumpet sounds (no synth trumpet)
  12. sound effects: film overdub sounds and noises from the BBC archives!
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