Manikin Memotron white/classic m2k


You can call the Memotron from Berlin-based manufacturer Manikin Electronics roughly a digital Mellotron. But unlike a VST instrument this is real hardware, so it is perfect for people who want to play Mellotron sounds on stage without the use of a PC or a sensitive original. Not only the sound resembles of the original but also the look: the Memotron is housed in a classic white wooden casing and has 35 keys. Furthermore the arrangement of the controls is the same as in the grand-daddy of all samplers. A comprehensive sample library with high-quality sounds of various Mellotrons from the 60ies and the 70ies lets revive the sound of bands like the Beatles, Procol harum and other important artists of this era.



Sound can be loaded from CD via internal CD drive, arranged and combined in the unit and then stored on a compact flash card. By using the half speed rocker switch you can read the samples with half speed, like a slow tape... The A-B-C switch chooses one of three loaded sound or combinations. Controls: volume, tone, pitch, A-B-C, half speed, data encoder.


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Kopfhörer Ausgang, Mono-/Stereo line out, Volume-Pedal, Midi IN, OUT, THRU, Flashcard-slot


ca. 12 kg, ca. 87 x 40 x 10cm

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