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What an unconventional audio tool this is and beyond that a verstile one! You might think it's just another tool module with "only" a bunch of individual functions but very clever normalizations combine the different functions and a central control called Survey can alter them simultaneosly.
The probably simplest use would be a 6-into-1 audio mixer with a master VCA but there also logic functions integrated, a dual VCA with crossfade and panning, a ARP2600-style envelope follower with rectifier and finally a waveshaper. he more exteric functions of the module are an intergrator as well as six transfer functions.
The Cold Mac is also great for crossmodulating, e.g. between two Mangroves or Three Sisters.



Roughly said the Cold Mac an be divided into six diagonally laid out function blocks, visualized by diagonal lines on the face plate.
To the left are their inputs (the sockets below the Survey CV input) and to the right the six audio inputs (the sockets with grey shading around).

About the function blocks:

  • LEFT and RIGHT are two VCAs which can be used separately or together for panning and fading. Panning function from left input to left and right outputs. Crossfade function between left and righ inputs to right output. You can even use both functions at the same time, but the outputs change sides. Survey controls panning and fading.
    FADE is a direct CV input working independent of Survey and OFFSET is an additional input for CVs or audio.
  • AND plus OR are logic mixing functions, dividing the input signals into their minima (OR) and maxima (AND). SURVEY as well as the secondary AND & OR inputs determine the split point. This function is great for creating new waves by mixing half-waves of different signals. Try that with two differently tuned VCOs or two different FM modulations...
  • SLOPE is a full-wave rectifier, adding an octaved sound and more harmonics to the input signal.
  • CREASE is a raspy sounding wave shaper, flipping a wave inside out. It's very sensitive to the input level. The Slope input is pre-patched to Crease input.

Besides that, when nothing is patched to the inputs, SURVEY controls six transfer functions simultaneously, which follow certain linear CV characteristics which are emitted as voltages at the six outputs to the right hand side. If you use an audio signal as Survey CV, the outputs work like wave shapers.

  • output of LEFT: from -5V to +5V
  • output of RIGHT: from +5V to -5V
  • output of OR: from 0V to +5V i.e. only positive values above zero.
  • output of AND: from -5V to 0V i.e. only negative values below zero.
  • output of SLOPE: only absolute values; negative values are mirrored into positive range.
  • output of CREASE: from 0V to +5V, then jumping immediately from -5V to 0V at 12h-position. It folds voltages around 0V.
Additionally there are two more CV outputs which also are controlled by the Survey parameter:
  • FOLLOW output: envelope follower which you can use as well as a slew limiter
  • LOCATION output: integrator. The output voltage follows the Survey value. The higher the difference in voltages, the faster the transition.

A very simple function is a six-channel audio-mixer. The six inputs at the left are mixed to the MAC output and the Survey function works as a mix master VCA.

The module has a lot of normalizations to alleviate patching. The fact that Survey controls various parameters at the same time means that in complex patches which use a number of Cold Mac's channels, a small change can have a drastical effect.


Survey CV input
VCA: L + R audio inputs, fade CV input, offset aux input, two VCA outputs
Logic mixer: OR input, OR CV input, OR output; AND input, AND CV in, AND output
envelope follower: Slope input, Follow output, recitified output
crease wavefolder input, location output, wavefolder output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 65mA @ +12V and 62ma @ -12V

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