4ms from Portland in the US state Oregon are Dann Green, Jeannot Quenson and some more very nice young men buiding innovative modules and guitar effects.

Abstract Data

Abstract Data is independently owned and operated by - founder and chief noise maker - Justin Owen, from its headquarters in London, UK.


Acidlab from Rosenheim in Bavaria gained a cult status with their 303 clone Bassline that is being produced in it's third version. Cloning vintage roland gear continued in the form of the Miami and Bombass units. Since recently Acidlab manufacturers Eurorack modules.

ALM Busy Circuits

ALM/Busy Circuits is a UK based boutique electronics design company producing original, useful and fun devices for the creation, manipulation and control of sound.

Analogue Solutions

Under the Label Analogue Solutions Mr.Tom Carpenter from England builds the Eurorack modular system Concussor. Besides manufacturing conventional modules ASol offered as first company drum voice modules. Besides that the company also offers standalone devices like monophonic analog synthesizers and sequencers.
Link to Analogue Solutions

Analogue Systems

Analogue Systems from beautiful Cornwall in England started his modular system almost in paralell with Doepfer in 1998. Bob Williams' system is characterized not only by good build and sound quality but also beautiful significant walnut cabinets. Analogue Systems cooperates with EMS and build authentic reproductions of their circuitry in module format.

Analogue Systems' website

HerrSchneider's video channel on Analogue Systems

Rebel Technology

Rebel Technology are from London and developed e.g. the touch MIDI controller BlipBox

Broken Silicon

Rolf from Frankfurt at Main ist the man behind Broken Silicon. Besides the "Error-codes" card for the Z-DSP he also develops interesting Eurorack modules.

Circuit Abbey

High on a hilltop, past the cows and hop fields, in a secluded hollow sits an unassuming structure. Inside a robed figure sits at a workbench toiling away, teasing intricate circuits out of piles of parts.
Circuit Abbey was started by a group of Trappist monks in 2010 who were tired of their fruit cakes being used for building materials and decided to make Eurorack modules instead. ... That´s what the legend says.

Dave Jones Video

Already in the 1970ies Dave Jones was building video synthesizers, though physically they were not plug in modules like the new system. The system were buit with a number of devices like a sync generator, video processors and other that were connected to a patch panel.
Link to Jones Video


Austin in Texas seems to be a hub of the synth industry because also the friendly US-american Mickey Delp, the man behind Depltronics, comes from there.
Link to Delptronics


Dieter Doepfer is the father of the second synthesizer generation, or the second father of the 'now' Synth Generation? After the inital era of Bob Moog (not that his era has passed), Dieter's release of the successful A100 Modular System has recieved high acceptance amongst artists such as Kraftwerk and others, which historically speaking helped to spawn a 2nd Synth boom. Not only quality exists in all Doepfer products, but trustworthy, availability and affordable pricing are all included. All Doepfer-products are manufactured in Germany and are in stock. Link to Doepfer


Eowave produce low-cost modules and synthesizers with classic to experimental circuit designs.

Expert Sleepers

Andrew Ostler aka Os aka Expert Sleepers from Letchworth in Herfordshire, UK specialises on Eurorack module interfaces that convert control data from your DAW into CVs (or vice versa).


Berlin Berlin based inventor Per Salzwedel developed uncountable custom-made little instruments and helpers for indivdiual need such as small Midi infrared controls, step sequencers, MIDI/CV interfaces and even a ball-shaped sequencer. After the Midi Talking Synth the Clockwork is the next product and more interesting stuff will follow.


Fonitronik alias Matthias Herrmann from Wiesbaden, Germany started developing and making own synthesizer modules a few years ago. Growing interest in his designs and do-it-yourself PCBs induces him to offer ready-made modules. For the sake of quality and environment the entire production of the modules takes place in Germany and at regional production shops. Link to Fonitronik

Haken Audio

Dr. Lippold Haken has been busy with sensoric products for years already having realized his masterpiece with the Continuum controller now, as it seems. His first profession is beeing a professor at an university. Link zu Haken Audio


Vermona is a brand of the HDB company, based in Erlbach, Saxony. Like many other local companies they have a long tradition as manufacturers of music gear.
The company is descended directly from the nationally owned entreprise Vermona in the former GDR which has been buiding electronic music instruments and accessory for decades.

Innerclock Systems

The nice and freaky Australian David Lackey is the guy behind innerclock systems, always on the MIDI clock quest. After his SyncShift he also releases the SyncGen that produces a perfect clock from your computer. Link to Innerclock Systems

Intellijel designs

Intellijel started with an expansion module for a Livewire unit, but within short time this productive Canadian manufacturer became a very important manufacturer of affordable and good Eurorack modules. They have so many different modules and a number of new releases that you can build almost complete systems with only their gear. Intellijel was foundend by Danjel van Tijn who was an engineer in big music electronic entreprises. Link to Intellijel Designs


Before he started to develop his own products, Jürgen Michaelis' first company, Xtended, provided repairs and modifications to 909s and 808s to the pioneers of the techno-generation. WIth those years of experience and technical savior under his belt, he developed into a creative manufacturer. From the initials JMX, the customers themselves developed the name of the company on the basis of the graphic formation. Meanwhile, the small Berlin "analogue drum-smith" stands in the world with a solid reputation for the best analogue Drumsounds in innumerable shelves of music-stores and above all in professional studios around the world... Link to Jomox


The british company Kenton is probably the market leader in the area of proper MIDI/CV-converters. Probably every vintage synth can be MIDI retrofitted with a Kenton interface. In addition a series of superb MIDI controller fader boxes has been created some years ago, it is discontinued (since european RoHS) unfortunately. Kenton still shines with excellent products like the MidiStream wireless MIDI system and many more interesting devices, Link to Kenton

Kilpatrick Audio

Kilpatrick Audio, founded by Andrew Kilpatrick, origin from Canadian Totonto in the province of Ontario.

Kilpatrick Audio's website


Karl Ekdahl is from Sweden originally but he is living in the US wherealso the development and production happens. Very nice guy and we have always enjoyed communication with him. Not only are his products very cool, unique and intersting, also his attitude towards environment protection, politics and business convinces us. Link zu KNAS

KOMA Elektronik

KOMA Elektronik sind ein neuer junger Berliner Hersteller von innovativen Effektpedalen, Eurorack-Modulen und analogen Controllern. Werft mal einen Blick auf deren Webseite und schaut euch die tollen Videos an! Link zu Koma Elektronik


L.E.P (italian abbreviation for "people's laboratory for electronics") is a small company around Tony Light and Peppo Lasagna it's from Milano in Italy.

The manufacturer's weblog

Livewire Electronics

Our friend, the late Mike Brown had to become inventor also for economical reasons when he once wanted to realize musical ideas with not payable synthesizers. After college in germany and studies of electronic music in the USA he tried to realize visions with unorthodox sollutions more often. His modules are still some kind of strange and extra but thats what makes them very and/ or the more interesting.
After mike passed away his former partner Steve took over Livewire and will hopefully re-start production in a bigger scale.

Link to Livewire


Ken Macbeth hat schon in der jugendlich musikalischen Phase als Keyboarder in Schottland begonnen seine eigenen Geräte zu optimieren. Von insgesamt 15 in seinem bisherigen Leben gestalteten Systemen waren nach eigenen Angaben rund sieben tatsächlich professionell brauchbar - wie er im Rückblick dokumentiert. Sein erstes Serien-Produkt M3X übertraf diese Eigenschaft um Längen. Der Nachfolger M5 war wohl der erste auch ökonomische Treffer, trotz seiner Größe wurden zwischen 50 und 100 Stück verkauft. Neben 3He und 5HE-Modulen baut er jetzt primär den Micromac. Link zu MacBeth

Make Noise

Makenoise was founded by Tony Rolando. At the age of 12 he connected his e-guitar to a Pioneer SR-202 reverb and he has "been warped, searching for inspiration in sound ever since!" He got his start into engineering while working it the electronics industry and then started building custom music electronics under the names OWL and Makenoise. The once tiny enterprise from Asheville deleveloped to a respectable manufacturer. Link to Make Noise


Malekko Heavy Industries, founded by Joshua Holley and Paul Barker, is an US-american manufacturer of guitar effect pedals and Eurorack modules.Malekkos popularity in the modular synth rose due to the cooperation with Grant Richter from Wiard. Wiard is a legendary manufacturer or expensive and ver innovative modular systems. Wiards circuitry is often inspired by Buchla but carries on their ideas and implements new functions. Link to Malekko

Manhattan Analog

Manhattan Analog is not from New York, but from the town of Manhattan in Kansas, USA. Their Eurorack modules have a nice look and are very practical. We like the awesome MA35 filter a lot!


Mastermind von Metasonix ist Eric Barbour, Musiker, Ingenieur und wahrscheinlich einer der kompetentesten Röhrenexperten in seinem Bereich. 1999 begann er mit einem Synthesizer auf Röhrenbasis dem vielbeachteten "Phattytron". Für den Klang, die Innovation und auch für verschiedene Folgeprodukte wie den leider sehr teuren "Hellfire Modulator" bekam er mehrfach Auszeichnungen der Musikindustrie. Mit der alten TM-Serie und den jetzt gebauten Eurorack-Modulen hat er seine spezielle Qualität auch für den gewöhnlichen Musiker erschwinglich gemacht. Link zu Metasonix


Manfred Fricke, Berliner, has delivered to the world many fine electronic instruments to the world since 1976. And in that time has created over 100 products to date. With the new high-quality products Dominion X and Tanzbär MFB units reached a whole new quality and gained much attention. Link to MFB


Modcan is a Canadian manufacturer of modular systems that are well-known for their quality. After systems in 5U and 6U Modcan now builds fantastic sounding Eurorack modules which will make happy plenty of users of 3U modules. heck out the VCOs, they are awesome! Link to Modcan

Moon Modular

MoonModular ist ein Kollektiv an Musikern die moderne, hochqualitative Module im Moog´schen 5HE-Format entwickeln. Anfangs war MoonModular auf Sequenzer und Triggermodule spezialisiert, doch nun kann man sich dank VCOs und Filtern ein vollständiges Modularsystem mit dem Look eines klassischen Moogs aufbauen! Link zu MoonModular

Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular haben eine einzigartig-schräge Vision von Modularsystemen, indem sie Chaos aus den Schaltungen der Vergangenheit erschaffen. Alle Module von Pittsburgh Modular sind handgemacht und erinnern durch große Bedienelemente und besonderes Design optisch an Laborgerätne aus den 50ern. Dies lädt zu Interaktion und zum Experimentieren ein. Frische Ideen der modernen Analogschaltungstechnik werden eingesetzt, um interessante und seltsame Klänge zu erschaffen. Pittsburgh Modular sind Richard Nicol und Michael Johnsen aus Pittsburgh, PA (USA) und Thomas O´Connor aus Port Adelaide, South Australia. Link zu Pittsburgh Modular


Ploytec GmbH

Tiptop Audio

TipTop audio is a new manufacturer of Eurorack moules from Hollywood, California, specialised in analogue and digital circuitry. After the Z5000 multi effect module the analog Z3000 Smart VCO is the next one and more will follow. Link to TipTop Audio


PPV Medien

Snazzy FX

Snazzy FX alias Dan Snazelle from Queens in New York built cool, psychedelic guitar effects in the beginning but for a while he started designing unusual Eurorack modules, some of which are chaos based. His faceplate designs are legendary 8)

Link to Snazzy FX

Studio Electronics

Studio Electronics started out in the Mid-90ies with their ATC-1 Tone Chamaeleon, a monophonic Minimoog-like synthesizer which became famous for his powerful sound and especialy the bass. One special unique feature of the Studio Electronics´ synthesizers was the option to use filters with different characters in their instruments just by changing the filter board! Further synths like the SE1, the ATC-X and SE1X were released as well as the excellent high-quality ModMax and Wolftone effect pedals in recent time. By developing the Omega 8 Studio Electronics rised to the top of the manufacturers of analog synthesizers. Link to Studio Electronics

The Harvestman

The man behind The Harvestman is S. Sebastian Jaeger, originally from Seattle, USA. Being a musician and using the effect of bitcrushing in his music a lot, he wanted to make a modular version of it, so the modules served a dual purpose of self-education and filling holes in his modular system. When he finished school, he needed to find a way to pay his student loans. And that need led to The Harvestman.

The Harvestname was recently renamed in Industrial Music Electronics.

Tom Oberheim

Tom Oberheim is the inventor of the legendary SEM (synthesizer expander module), which has been designed for expanding existing keyboard synthesizers. Oberheim wrote synthesizer history with his polyphonic further developments Two-voice, Four-voice und Eight-voice In 2009 the SAM has been revived, 35 years after his birth. this time with new electronic components but with the same stunning sound! Link to Tom Oberheim


Toppobrillo from north Californian Oakland is a small one-man-company led by a super nice guy called Josh whose modules have been exciting us from the beginning on.

Trouby Modular

Trouby Modular - the Mystery Manufacturer from Berlin.

Touell Skouarn

Small manufacturer of nice guitar FX pedals with etched housings as well as Eurorack modules with a funky vintage touch. Touell Skoaurn comes from the Brittany in France which explains the strage product names: they are in Breton language!

XAOC devices

The polish hardware manufacturer Xaoc Devices stands for innovative and uncompromised, yet affordable circuits. Modules like the digital quadruple LFO Batumi, the fully analog dual core filter Belgrad or the sequencer Moskwa with its circular design show the enormous creative potential of Eurorack components made by Xaoc.


Wowa Cwejman has been longer in the industry than it seems. First synth in the 70ies and decades later they releases a new product, the high-praised semi-modular S1. This and his high-class Eurorack modules established Cwejman in the superior class of synthesizer manufacturers, renowned for it´s super-clear and punchy sound and innovations.
Link to Cwejman


Dorfmeister u.v.a.) einen Ruf als kompromissloser Sound- und Technikfreak erworben. Unter d. Namen SND (Sebastian Niessen Design) fertigt er seit Anfang der 90er eigene, sehr spezielle Produkte in Kleinstserie, die in ihrem Bereich nicht nur das Nonplusultra des technisch machbaren darstellen duerften, sondern auch ein Hoechstmaß an ´musikalisch durchdachter´ Konzeption bieten. Bisher ausschlie?lich bei SND im Direktvertrieb zu beziehen, ist Schneiders Buero jetzt europaweit erster und einziger Shop mit Antestmoeglichkeit fuer SND-Produkte! Link zu SND


Alyseum is the first manufacturer of hardware that is compliant with the new communication standard CopperLan that transmits MIDI data but also own data with higher resolution via network cables. As the management of the CopperLan devices, instruments etc is done with a software editor also complex virtual routings are possible, like simultaneous control from two computers. Finally a network where you connect all your computers, MIDI interfaces, MIDI musical instruments. ... and definitely forget about the physical connections in your studio. Access to all functions and settings can be done from anywhere, without having to fuss with MIDI cables ever again, saving you a lot of time, effort and cost.


Dr Robert Moog is seen as one of the inventors of synthesizers in their Modern appearance. From 1964 his Modular systems have been the first available synthesizers equipped with the components VCO, VCA, VCF etc which are still the norm today. Musicians like Wendy Carlos (Switched On Bach) or Gershon Kingsley (Popcorn) were already interested in the Moog system, as much as rock stars like Keith Emerson, George Harrison or The Who. They had the big Moog carried up to there studios and on stage, thus making sure that the then small company was successful. In 1970 the Mini Moog saw the light of the world as the first complex synthesizer and established new heights for the scene. After economic high flies with various models Bob Moog later had to sell his company and label to almighty competition. The company which he founded later


Endorphin.es - already now a small cult company that gained a lot of attention with the awesome Furthrrrr oscillator that has been well-hyped for a good reason. They come from Vienne in Austria.


Manikin Electronics from Berlin, this are the high tech specialists Thorsten Feuerherdt (Hardware) und Markus Horn (Software). With the help of Mario Schönwälder as musical advisor and practising user the two developers released last year the Schrittmacher, a very functional and intuitive hardware sequencer.The Memotron is the companie´s second product, a great digital hardware clone of the Mellotron with constantly growing number of soundbanks. Link zu Manikin


Midisolutions is a canadian manufacturer that offers competent solutions for any kind of typical midiproblem. The multiple variations of always the same lookalike product are a very senseful answer on the need of the clients. Also their handling in the case of problems or special requests is always compentent and souveraen. Link to Midisolutions


Before Herman Gillis, the founder of the Sherman Filterbank, began creating his unique world recognized product, he spent many years producing records and playing drums... After many different, more or less secret projects there are only rumours about a new project. Their filter bank is still the top filter bank and it looks like it will stay like that. Link to Sherman


Sequentix from Scotland gained a reputation for their P3 sequencer years ago. Now they present the long-awaited, much more elaborate successor Cirklon.


DinSync alias Paul Barker from Sweden is a repair technicial for vintage analog gear at a studio/workshop. He spends his spare time with music, running an own vinyl label, doing acid performane and DJing.

Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering are a pretty young manufacturer from LA in Southern California and they are just beginning a line of interesting Eurorack modules with cool faceplates made of purple PCB material.

Mutable Instruments

Mutable Instruments come from Paris in France and got known with the Shruti, Anushri as well as DIY kits. Their Eurorack line is spectacular, multi-functional and brings fresh air into the scene.

Olivier Gillet is the mastermind taking care for design and hard- and software engineering.

Link to Mutable Instruments

Happy Nerding

Happy Nerding is our first east-european manufacturer so far and they come from the south of the Ukraine.

Audio Damage modular

Audio Damage has been known for a while for their high-quality plug-ins, but also their Eurorack modules are great, not only soundwise but also regarding mechanical quality. The products are built to the highest possible standards in the USA, with full over-voltage and reverse protection, panel-bolted 100,000-turn BI potentiometers, custom Rogan knobs, and a back-mounted USB port for firmware updates.

Epoch Modular

The friendly Sylvan Lee alias Epoch Modular is a new manufacturer from Miami in sunny state of Florida, USA

Link to Epoch Modular


Synovatron Electronic Music is a company from southern English harbour city Portsmouth and is ran by Tony Steventon who has been building since the 1970ies. Synovatron's page

Antimatter Audio

"Audiomatter Audio produces Euro Rack module for smelly nerds" That's what they say about themselves ;)

Qu-Bit Electronix

Q-Bit Electronix aus dem Raum Los Angeles in Kalifornien ist das Projekt von Andrew Ikenberry und Jason Lim

! small makers

In this category you'll find standalone products of various tiny and small companies that have only a few products in their range.

! small-modular-makers

In this category you wil lfind Eurorack modules of small manufacturers with one just a few modules in their product range.

Verbos Electronics

Mark Verbos from New York has been a techno DJ for years but gained a very good reputation in the synthesizer world as conservator and repair guy for old analog Buchla modules. Now this utterly nice person introduces the experience with vntage electronics into his Eurorack designs without having the will or need to clone anything.

Frequency Central

We are very happy to have another european manufacturer aboard. Rick Holt alias Frequency Central from Conventry in England builds nice, top-quality Eurorack modules and effect pedals. Amongst his superb module range he has clones of Roland 100m modules that have impressed us.. Solid construction, damn good sound ... and for little money.

Link to Frequency Central

Orthogonal Devices

From distant Japan, from Tokyo to bea exact comes Orthogonal Devices, Brian Clarkson's company.

Orthogonal Devices' website

Erica Synths

Today, when electronic musicians have access to technology and tools of many forms like never before, Erica Synths' philosophy is to develop instruments and synth modules in areas where nobody has stepped in yet. After building tons of DIY instruments and spending hours in experiments they clearly see what's missing. Combination of creativity and innovation makes any Erica Synths instrument unique, easy to use and most importantly - really beneficial addition to music setups. Acidbox is the first mass-produced instrument from Erica Synths, a company from the baltic country of Latvia.


Grayscale manufactures modules that are driven by a pragmatic approach to interface design and an uncomplicated minimal aesthetic. Founded in 2013 as a source of alternate front panels, the company is now focused on creating new sequencing and control modules for the Eurorack modular format.

Future Retro

Jered Flickinger has been building musical instruments for many years. Synthesizers like the 777, Revolution Bassline or XS are considered modern classics.

CG Products

Christian Günther is an performing audio artist from Berlin, building countless interesting and unusual music machines, synthesizers and effects by hand.

CG Products' website

Dave Smith Instruments

Dave Smith, the head behind the legendary company Sequential Circuits and father of the first affordable polyphonic synthesizer, the Prophet-5, has been successful again with making instruments in recent years.

Hackme Electronics

Hackme Electronics was founded by Matt Heins, a former D'n'B DJ and musician who realized one day he's interested more in electronics than in making music. Hackme has been a blog, developed a number of open source projects and units like the Rockit and Sprockit synthesizers.
Mehr about him and Hackme can be read here.

Link to Hackme Electronics.


Steve Harmon founded Synthrotek late 2009 in US-american Seattle both as business and a passion for building own instruments. Meanwhile the company relocated to beautiful Portland in the state of Oregon, offers various DIY kits and ready-made instruments and is surrounded by a community of musicians, electro geeks, synth freaks and modular nuts.
Synthrotek: Classic Noise


Synthrotek's website


Since 2012 Hexinverter exists, Stacy Gaudreau's one-man-company from Canadian Winnipeg (a "frozen shithole" according to Venetian Snares"), which moved to Montreal late 2015.
Stacy has been obsessed with electronic music even in young age, dissecting and analyzing electronic sounds and enjoying timbres of tracks. He was making music as well but it's hard when you go to school and run a company.

Product quality and good playability is more important to Hexinverter and his suppliers than cheapness and small form factor. Unorthodox products with weird sounds are much more in the spotlight of Hexinverter than classic subtractive synthesis.

Link to hexinverter.net

Low-Gain Electronics

Logan Erickson from Minneapolis, USA started Synth-DIY and circuit bending around the year 2000, worked later on in a repair shop and at a studio gear manufacturer. The hobby became Low-Gain Electronics one day, first offering DIY kits and retrofits, then ready modules with a high standard regarding production design and quality. Logan also makes electronic music, ranging from Experimental/Noise/Soundscape to Electronic Dance Music/techno.

Link to Low-Gain Electronics
their Vimeo page
their Soundcloud profile
their Bandcamp page


Soundmachines are an italian manufacturer of Eurorack modules and control interfaces.


Grendel is a brand of Rare Waves LLC, a company from Texas founded in 2012 to manufacture music synthesis products designed by owner-engineer Eric Archer.
Inspired by a background in both science and music, they offer original analog technology for creative musicians of the 21st century who seek variation from clones and replicas of the past and believe that despite the unavoidable digital future, there will always be a place for analog.
How can a circuit transcend it's own simplicity to synthesize a richness of musical information? This question underpins the Rare Waves philosophy of research and design.

Manufacturer's page.

AJH Synth

Allan "J" Hall from Bornemouth area in southern England has been infected with classic Electronic Music in early teenage years and built his first fuzz effect in the age of 12.
The last fifteen years he has been builiding and modifying synthesizers for him and his friends and sind 2009 he's been working as a service technician for vintage gear and building tube guitar amplifiers. The man knows what he's doing :)

Have a look at AJH's web page

Plankton Electronics

Àlex Ballester from Barcelona in Spain, a sound engineer with an interest not only in music but also in the inner guts of machines started to make DIY stuff some years ago and decided to turn this hobby to build his own machines.
His products are about being individual, with their own character and not the same stuff you can find everywhere. Most important is the idea of sharing electronic designs and for that reason his instruments base on available free knowledge he is willing to share with others: his schematics are available.

Sputnik Modular

Sputnik Modular alias Roman Flippov comes from russian Moscow. He is renowned in the scene by his clones of old Buchla modules he now releases in Eurorack modules, toghether with new designs.

Mungo Enterprises

Jerrabomberra, the place with one of the freakiest names, is the home of Mungo where John constructs unique digital shings. His legendary MungoSync with the big red button accompanied lots of live acts, the State Zero was a diigtal synth space station and now he makes very deluxe Euro modules.

Mungo products incorporate state-of-the-art digital audio technology and are demanding modules for professional modularists and sound designers, offering an unprecedented flexibility. In order to use this you really have to get familiar with the controls and concept of every module, also the essential zoom module.
Unlike many other digital modules they do not try to sound (retro)digital but offer a pristine audio quality all the way.
Lots of applications and directions are possible with every module but you need a clear concept of how the module processes sounds and what are the assumptions of its underlying functionality. Once that is clear you can take off in regions otherwise unreachable with other modules.

--> Mungo's website

Transistor Sound Labs

Nina and Zoë created Transistor Sounds Labs to make music making more fun and productive. They specialise in digital sequencers with intuitive user interfaces that encourage live use.

Link to Transitor Sound Labs' website.


In February 2010 Befaco was created as an open hardware platform focusing on professional DIY musical hardware but also designing and publishing their own modular synthesizer system and organizing DIY workshops in Barcelona, Madrid and Spain.
Also they started the first spanish speaking forum referred to modular synthesizers being a constantly reference for people interested in modular synthesizers, bending of commercially available machines and DIY electronic crafts.

Frap Tools

Frap Tools come from the Modena area in Italy, where in a radius of 30km all the renowned manufacturers of sports cars and motorcycles are located, an area where mechanicians perfectly know how to deliver high-precision goods. Frap Tool products are manufactured there entirely and as you might expect they are top-notch!

E-RM Erfindungsbüro

E-RM or "Erfindungsbüro Rest und Maier" (invention office Rest and Maier) are two nice young Berlin guys. their first product is the MIDIclock, a super-tight MIDI Clock generator.


Meeblip Anode is a cooperation between the Canadian developer Blipsonic and the Berlin-based online mag Create Digital Music. It is a synth that combines the advantages of both and digital technology. Due to its open source concept the digital part of the synth can be modified, e.g. circuit bent.


High-class modular equipment - Made and loved in Berlin.



~ November Whiskey Two Sierra ~


CFM is a one-man-entreprise from Berlin City

Microbe Modular

Microbe Modular come from the northern part of California in the USA.

Shakmat Modular

Shakmat Modular are a Belgian manufacturer of Eurorack modules.


Birdkids are a young Austrian manufacturer from Vienna. Their modules combine several function blocks, are rather large and use only high-quality electronic and mechanic parts.


Mannequins ist the Eurorack line by new manufacturer Whimsical Raps from New York. The modules are true innovations and inspire with really fresh ideas and a new approach.

Modor Music

Modor Music sind ein neues Unternehmen aus Belgien, welches mit dem NF-1 einen ordentlichen digitalen Hardware-Synth herausbringt.


This is just a test ... a test categoy.

Steady State Fate

Products designed by Andrew Morelli alias Steady State Fate (SSF) from the US state of New York are already known form his cooperation with WMD but under his own label he also releases Eurorack modules which absolutely have their very own character.
Link to SSF's website


Indaboxx from the Rhineland in Germany is a manufacturer of Eurorack enclosures.


simpleCircuits was founded 2013 by odd, quirky scientists in search of the world formula. Primary fabricating research instruments for arctic expeditions, the founders soon were forced to adapt to non-nuclear components after several occupational accidents and since try to manufacture high-quality audio equipment and precise electronic music tools.
The full top-secret laboratory is located in Munich.

Alright Devices

Alright Devices are a manufacturer from Texan city of Austin in the USA.

Radikal Technologies

Jörg Schaaf has been a big synthesizer fan since his teen years, one day he started making music and eventually also electronic music instruments, e.g. for the German manufacturer Quasimidi.
As Radikal Technologies he is known for the Spectralis workstation and the Accelerator synthesizer. Now also product for the Eurorack are in production.

Link zu Radikal Technologies

Rossum Electro-Music

Dave Rossum - co-founder of E-mu Systems, technical father of the rare analog E-mu modular system as well as digital sample-based 80s classics like Emulator, Emax, SP-1200 and in the 90s Morpheus synth ,top-noth samplers and a number of popular sample players. His SSM chips were the factor which made polyphonic analog synths affordable.
This man has been busy since 45 years and still isn't tired. now, s Rossum Electro-Music, he designs modules again, this time for the Euroack format. In dead earnest, with lots of enthusiasm and passion as well as high technical niveau. Kudos and good luck!

Link zu Rossum Electro-Music

Bastl Instruments

Bastl Instruments are a group of totally likeable and positively crazy young people from Brno in our neighbour country Chech Republic.
Besides spreading the word of electronic instruments generally and especially modular systems in their home country, e.g. through a small local store, tutorial videos in Chech language as well as workshops [also special ones for the ladies! :)] they also manufacture yummy Eurorack modules with an unique style due to wooden faceplates and freaky product names.

Link to Bastl Instruments

Neutron Sound

Alex, one of WMD's guys originally created the orgone Accumulator as a kit for DIYers but now it (and hopefully other of Alex' designs) are available as ready-made product.

Møffenzeef Mødular

Møffenzeef Mødular are an Euro module manufacturer from aus Portland, Oregon, the town with probably the highest number of synth heads and companies in the USA (or even worldwide?).
Not too long ago Ross of Møffenzeef Mødular were making one-off garbage synths inside of cigar boxes for local musicians, pretty hack-y CMOS circuits mostly based on Forest Mims & Nicholas Collins’ work. After building a bunch of stuff for a friend it became apparent a noise circuit based on granular synthesis was missing, which, after some tinkering & tweaking resulted in the GMØ.

Valhalla DSP

US-American manufacturer of effect cartridges which are compatible with the Z-DSP Eurorack module by Tiptop Audio.

Vintage Synth Lab

Vintage Synth Labs are from Portland, Oregon (USA), well where else from ;). Besides upgrades for old synthesizers also Eurorack modules are designed which clearly emphasize on recreating vintage synth circuits.


ARC is analogue research.

The build Eurorack synthesizer modules, novel and musically useful electronic instruments. which are designed and built in the USA. The modules seem to be shrunken Serge modules and consequently ARC will release an officially licensed version of the legendary TKB for Eurorack in 2016.

--> Link to ARC's website

Erogenous Tones

An US-American manufacturer from North Carolina.

Sommer cable

Friendly manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cables, based in the south of Germany.

ZVEX Modular

ZVEX (pronounced zee-vexx) are an US-American manufacturer renowned for his hguitar effect pedals. There are now released as Eurorack modules, optimized for synthesizer signals and expanded by votlage control.

Rabid Elephant

Rabid Elephant from New Jersey set a new quality standard, regarding not only electronics but also mechanic aspects. Perfection right down to the last detail.
Only sealed potentiometes with 1M cycles, faders with 100.000+ cycles, rock-solid switches and high-quality ICs are used. The LEDs don't inject noise into audio paths (alone this uses umpteen components!). PCBs are electro-magnetically shielded with a metal case. Products are burnt-in for 24h hours prior to testing.
Even the power cable is different - bigger cross-section and yet compatible to all Eurorack bus boards, but wait for Rabid Elephant's "Low Loss Distribution System"...! Find more details here.

This pursuit of quality makes the modules expensive of course but on the other hand you receive a top-notch product on the highest level.

Abstrakt Instruments

Ein Hersteller elektronischer Musikinstrumente aus Südkalifornien.

Copper Traces

Copper Traces is an american hardware manufacturer producing innovative, high-grade products.

Mystic Circuits

Eli Pechman, also known as Mystic Circuits, is specialized in colorful, innovative modules and DIY kits.

Arrel Audio

The Italian manufacturer Arrel Audio produces high end studio gear for modular enthusiasts. Products like the ER-100 summing mixer or the ER-110 stereo equalizer shine with uncompromising quality and first-class sound.

Random Source

Random Source made it their business to translate classic circuit designs from, for instance, Jürgen Haible or Serge, into the Eurorack format. The company is renowned for painstaking development work and uncompromising built-quality.

System 80

System 80 combines classic circuit designs with modern ideas. The company is based in Canada. Their modules shine with excellent performance and high stability.


Liivatera is known for developing high grade, yet reasonably priced Eurorack modules. The Estonian company consistently manages to expand classic concepts with new ideas.


T-Rex transfers circuits known from the guitar and studio world into the Eurorack format.


Klavis is known for designing compact, multifunctional modules. Thanks to excellent quality, beefy sound and low prices, the circuits are a great choice for both beginners and professionals.


Vladimir Pantelic is specialized in designing unusual, yet highly useful modules. All circuits are handcrafted.

Winter Modular

Winter Modular is a one-man operation based in Barcelona, Spain. The company’s products shine with ingenuity and excellent quality.


Jeff Snyder and his team manufacture innovative performance instruments and accessories.

Livestock Electronics

The Livestock staff:

Daniel Mulder: Founder and developer
Flip the dog: Logistics and head of security
A bunch of cats: Feedback, quality control


Toon and David, the founders of Dato, develop electronic instruments for children of all ages.

Catalyst Audio

Catalyst Audio uses hand-picked components to build discrete circuits. The Buchla clones sound exactly like the classic 100 series system from the 60’s.

XOR Electronics

XOR Electronics is a Dutch one man company founded by Thomas Margolf. The products are not only useful, but fun as well.


The polish hardware manufacturer Sonicsmith is specialized in electronic instruments which can be played via analog audio signals. Thanks to their semi-modular design, it is possible to utilize the synthesizers as an interface for connecting a guitar with a modular system. Basis of all Sonicsmith instruments is the ACO chip (Audio Controlled Oscillator), which was developed by the company founders Brian Kaczynski and Noam Lavi.


Tubbutec is an one-man-company based in Berlin, Germany. The founder, Tobias Münzer, started out with developing upgrades for vintage synthesizers before entering the modular world.

Animal Factory Amplification

Hardcore modules made in Mumbai, India.

Tasty Chips Electronics

Innovative synthesizers made in the Netherlands.


Joranalogue is based in Stekene, Belgium. The company offers high quality modules at affordable prices.

LZX Industries

The American company LZX made it their mission to design creative video instruments that stay within the financial means of artists who wish to use them, honor and preserve the legacy of 20th century toolmakers and expand the boundaries of possibility.


Polyend was founded in 2015. The idea behind the company is to give artists new tools for creating music. It didn't take long for well-known musicians such as Aphex Twin, Daedelus or Sigur Rós to discover the company's equipment and start experimenting with it. – Very innovative and inspiring gear.


Soma was established by Vlad Kreimer, a radio engineer and musician who once built high-grade studio equipment. Today, he creates innovative, rather weird synthesizers, which really deserve the name music instrument.


The perfect gap fillers! – With the 2hp modules, even the smallest spaces in your modular case can be filled with useful circuits. The manufacturer offers lots of signal generators and processors, even entire synthesizer voices, all with a width of only two HP.

Electro-Acoustic Research

Peter Grenader from Plan B is back! – Using the name Electro-Acoustic Research, EAR for short, he is active in the Eurorack sector again.


The French hardware manufacturer Squarp specializes in avant-garde machines for modern musicians. – From beginners to professionals.


Strymon is specialized in uncompromising digital effects with premium sound.

Schlappi Engineering

We don’t know much about this company, yet. The only thing we’re certain of: Schlappi Engineering is a great company name!

Worng Electronics

Worng Electronics, not Wrong Electronics!

Leaf Audio

Leaf Audio is a one-man company from Leipzig.

Genus Modu

Genus Modu produces high-quality products with exemplary performance.

Black Corporation

Mastermind of the Black Corporation is none other than Roman Filippov, better known as Sputnik Modular. In the new company, he lives out his love for polyphonic synthesizers. The first instrument, a CS-80 replica called Deckard’s Dream, has already turned many musicians’ heads. We wonder what the gentleman will present next.

Retro Mechanical Labs

Retro Mechanical Labs specializes in the production of gorgeous distortion effects and filter boxes. A feast for eyes and ears! All pedals and filters are handmade by free-running Portlanders.

Grp Synthesizer

The Italian hardware manufacturer Grp offers modern interpretations of classic circuit designs. All modules are characterized by meticulous development and high production quality.

North Coast Synthesis

Matthew Skala, founder of North Coast Synthesis Ltd, started building electronic devices in the 1980s. He pursued computer science for a while, earning a PhD from the University of Waterloo. He specialized in high-dimensional geometry and its application. After 15 years in academic research and teaching at universities in Canada and Denmark, he left the educational sector to start his own company in Toronto. His modules are meant for hobbyists as well as professionals, who care for top-quality components, excellent technical openness and long-term maintainability.

Meng Qi

Weird music electronics made in China.


James Coker and his company Five12 are already familiar to many musicians thanks to the innovative software sequencer Numerology. Now, the inventor is also involved in the modular business. Mr. Coker’s first product, a sequencer called Vector, is an extremely inspiring composition tool based on the concepts of his famous software.


Leipzig West, LPZW for short, is a small hobby manufacturer producing very clever modules.

Recovery Effects

Graig Markel, also known as Recovery Effects, is a well established pedal manufacturer who also has a passion for modular synths. As a result, he started building Eurorack modules in 2017. His circuits add lots of character to any kind of music. Fuzz, glitches, echos, slicing and ring modulation are some key words to discribe the module's work.


Olaf Giesbrecht, creative head of the Berlin-based company Audiowerkstatt, produces clever control voltage and MIDI tools.

Metabolic Devices

Erik Dower, head of Metabolic Devices, is known for his love of complex, high-class Eurorack modules.

Strange Science Instruments

Strange Science Instruments was founded by two brothers. – A Swedish-based product designer and an electrical engineer from California. Their mission is to build inspiring, musically useful and fun circuits for creative people.


The British company Purrtronics is specialized in handmade modules with a unique sound character. All circuits are built from through-hole components.


Funkstill.ch is a one-man company based in Switzerland. The manufacturer’s first module, called Filter Threek, shines with innovative ideas and rich, dynamic sound. We can’t wait to see what comes next!


High-quality modules built in Scotland.