Medic Modules - Defibrillator (blood version)


The first module from the Medic Modules series is the DEFIBRILLATOR. It consists of thee individual circuits: two MS-20 filters and a VCA. Very individual is the operation by illuminated faders and the very unique bloody artwork. Sounds kind of sick and nasty.



The first filter features two audio inputs, In1 has a level control. Filter 1 can be switched between low pass and high pass modes, Filter 2 is a low pass. Coupling the filters by the link switch sets the filters in series and ayou either get a bandpass or a steeper low pass. Non-linked you can use the filters in parallel or totally individual. Both filters feature manual and voltage control of cutoff frequency, the resonance can be set manually only.

A further switch couples the 2nd filter´s output to the VCA´s input. It´s level can be cotrolled with a fader. The VCA can be bypassed with a switch.


Version with bloody face plate design. We can also order the version with plain white panel on request!


VCF1: two audio inputs (one is adjustable), cutoff CV input, audio output
VCF2: audio input, cutoff CV input, audio output
VCA: audio input, CV input, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 38HP wide, 25mm deep. Weight 285g.
Current draw: 15mA at +12V and 28mA at -12V.

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