Metasonix D-2000


Tube-based drum machine of the nasty, mean kind - did you expect anything else from Metasonix? It contains five voltage controllable instruments: two gated noise voices and two pitched drums, each of which has an individual output or can be mixed internally.
A sequencer is not included but the D-2000 has a eight HP wide slot for installing a Eurorack module - preferably a trigger sequencer/generator!



The Gated Noise channels are primitive circuits where white noise is gated by a vacuum tube and is well suitable for creating metallic sound like hihats or cymbals.
Adjustable parameters are attack and decay time, tone and the output level. The decay time is voltage controllable.

The three Pitched Drum channels are tuneable, resonant band pass filters. When triggered they generate a percussive sound that's frequency ranges from 210Hz to over 20kHz.
Adjustable parameters are pitch (alias filter cutoff), resonance, drive as well as the output level. Pitch is voltage controllable.

The Link switch couples the rigger inputs of Gated Noise 2 and Pitched Drum 1, simultaneously generating both a noisy and an oscillating sound - a perfect nasty tube snare!

Instead trigger you can inject audio signals - this way you can use the Pitched Drums as real filters and the Gated noises will mix the noise ith the audio signal.
The sounds can be fired no only via the trigger inputs but in addition with the five recessed yellow buttons.

All five sounds are available at individual outputs, yet there is also a mixer stage with a tube pre-amp which can be controlled dynamically va CV (-2V for total mute, +5V or more for maximum level). The distortion behaviour is determined with the mix controls, from mild to wild.

On the right hand side a slot for a maximum wight HP wide eurorack module is located which will be supplied with power by the D-2000. As the unit has no sequencer an eurorack sequencer is your primary choice. Recommended are Pamela´s Workout by ALM Circuits or the Trigger Man by Delptronics.


per gated noise: trigger input, decay CV input, audio output
per pitched drum: trigger input, pitch CV input, audio output
global: 23V DC power inlet, output mute CV input, audio output


19" wide, 3U high, less than 38mm deep
tubes protrude less than 44mm

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