Metasonix F-2 preamp / distortion / wah


The F-2 is world's one and only effect pedal which is a pre-amp, a distortion and a wah-wah with vacuum tube technology. And it's not just a standard tube stage, in fact the whole signal path of the unit is tube-based, also the wah-filter! An unique device and typical for Metasonix very crass and brute. And it is also voltage controllable by what it works well with synthesizers as well.



The pre-amp uses a new wold stock 5U8 vacuum tube which sound significantly different than the standard 12AX7, producing more gain and a nicer distortion.

The pre-amplified signal is then routed into the wah filter which is a characteristic band pass flter using nother 5U8 tube. For classic foot-controlled WahWah just conenct an usual expression pedal with a TRS jack to the CV input. Alternatively you can use this input with a control voltage (0 -10V)
the cutoff frequency of the filter is controlled by a Vactrol via a potentiometer and the resonance can be adjusted as well.

There are two hidden features in the F-2:
The TRS input socket actually accepts two signals: the guitar pre-amp is addressed via the "tip" of the socket while the "ring" is an optional line input which bypasses the pre-amp. Likewise the output is a TRS socket with two functions as well: tip carries the filter output, the ring emits the pre-amplified unfiltered signal only.
This way the stompbox can be used as a standalone voltage controlled tube filter for the modular synthesizer. At maximum resonance the filter oscillates and can track Hz/V via the CV input.


power inlet: 12V DC (center positive)
audio input, audio output, CV input


119 x 144 x 74mm (W x D x H)

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