Metasonix - R51 VCA/TubeDistortion


The module has been discontinued

Metasonix VCA / Tube distortion has a soft overdrive which is very atypical for a Metasonix product. That means the R51 adds a beautiful tube distortion sound to your incoming signal.



The R-51 is unique and never before available in any form. It uses two remote-cutoff pentodes, type 26A6. Two CV inputs are available for controlling circuit distortion from less than 2% up to more than 40% (varies with individual tubes). Two CV inputs also allow use of the R-51 as a conventional synthesizer VCA, with gain variable from less than -75dB to +5dB (typical). Both distortion and VCA features can be used simultaneously. This allows true vacuum-tube asymmetrical soft clipping to be applied to any waveform. With suitable CV processing, the R-51 can be configured as a true "variable mu" limiter or expander.


Audio input, audio output
two distortion CV inputs, two VCA CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, 25mm deeep. Tubes protrude 38mm.
Current draw 150mA

1 kg
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former retail price: €310.08

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