Metasonix R-53 - Waveshaper / Ringmod


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The R-53 is directly derived from Metasonix´ legendary TM-1 device.  It is a tube wave shaper and a tube ring modulator module



It uses a 12AF6/BD6 remote-cutoff pentode and a 12AV7 dual triode. Waveshaping is provided by a vacuum-tube "pulser" circuit that spits irregular pulses onto the input waveform. They synchronize erratically with the input pitch (if a waveform with sharp transitions is used). Combined with true vacuum-tube circuit distortion, this can provide a vast range of complex, aggressive distortion effects, utterly unique in the world. A basic ring-modulation function is also available in the unit--applying a carrier pitch from an external oscillator to the screen grid of the pentode, this allows making inharmonic sum-and-difference pitch sound effects, with a unique vacuum tube pentode sound.

The module has controls for level of input and output signals, the pulser´s frequency and for input level of the ringmodulator´s carrier signal.

Tubes protrude max. 38mm from the front panel. This will fit the lid of each Doepfer case.

The R-53 is fully protected against reverse supply voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, or incorrect hookup to external equipment.


Audio input and output.
Pulser CV-input. Carrier input for the ring modulator.


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, max 25mm deep
Current draw 150mA

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