Metasonix R-54 - VCO / VCF Supermodule


Unfortunately not in production anymore.

Super module! The Metasonix R-54 unifies two things in one single module: a tube oscillator that can be a tube filter as well! You can create awesome drum sounds with this module, espacially super-deep bass drums!



A triode pentode is used in a wien bridge to operate as a sinewave oscillator. The oscillator´s frequency is controlled through a vactrol, manually or with a voltage from 20Hz to 5kHz. The resonance/waveshape parameter controls the cleanliness of the sine w ave, below a value of 10% THD.

The tubes protrude ca. 38mm! This will fit the lid of a Doepfer flightcase, though.

The R-54 module is protected against reversed polarity, overvoltage, undervoltage and incorrect hookup to external equipment.


audio input, audio output, 3x pitch CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, ca. 25mm deep
Current draw 150mA. And 2x to 2.5x more when heating up!

0.08 kg
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