Metasonix R-56 - Tube Reverb


Unique voltage controlled spring reverb module with a vacuum-tube input stage that can produce nice distortion.
The R-56 is a special limited-issue module.



The vacuum-tube stage uses two 12CT8 miniature pentode tubes and it accepts any signals from -10dBu up to hot modular level. By overdriving the input, tube distortion is added, then solid-state distortion effects, from subtle to extreme. The Drive parameter can be voltage controlled. Output level of original signal and effect signal is controlled with individual potentiometers. The module features a mix output and a wet-only output.
A feedback loop allows for direct feedback around the spring. This effect is independent of the input signal and affects any input signal. It can produce feedback oscillations whose frequency is dependent on the spring delay time and the driving signal. An Invert switch allows inversion of the drive signal to the spring input, which can produce drastically different sounds, especially on bass-heavy transients such as bass drums.
The spring tank is mounted directly to the face plate in a blue plastik case. On the circuit board you will find two RCA jacks for connecting an external spring tank which can be used together with the internal tank to generate mode dense reverbs. The external tank should have a minimum input impedance of 300 Ohms and a minimum output impedance of 1000 Ohms.


Audio input, Mix output, wet-only output. CV inputs for drive and feedback


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 38mm deep. Tubes protrude 38mm.
Current draw 300mA after warmup, 800-850mA at startup for 3-5 seconds. Will not wirk with TipTopAudio poewr supplies!

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