Metasonix RK1 - Noisedrum


This drum voice of the powerful kind combines tube technology with a high-frequency noise diode in order to produce deep-fried, mercilesssly ass-kicking snare and cymbal sounds. Nothing for relaxing music but who the heck does expect this form Metasonix?



A special selected noise diode generates the white noise, and a vacuum-tube pentode in order to gate the noise on and off.
A built-in envelope generator allows adjustment of the attack and decay time. Long attack times will require triggering with a long positive pulse, while “typical” cymbal sounds can be made with a short trigger pulse.

A trigger of at least +5 volts is recommended for best performance. A built-in high-cut filter allows adjustment of the noise sound from full-range to a rolloff of about 100 Hz, giving a unique "thunk" tone.


Trigger input, decay CV input
audio output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 38mm deep
tube protrudes max 38mm
current draw: most certainly a lot when heating after power-up

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