Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA (Horsecock)


The ultimate vacuum tube VCA which can be more, for instance a pre-amp with 30dB gain, an amplifier for stereo and signal-cancelling effects and/or an extreme distortion effect.
It can be gentle with a moderate bit of tube distortion but on the other hand it can tenderize a piece of meat with its raw power.



At gentle, soft settings the module is able to behave like a pretty normal VCA with some tube distortion but with rising gain the clipping distortion gets more and more. Turn up the Feedback and all hell is breaking loose.

In Metasonix' own words: "What does it sound like? Imagine a slightly tubby tube amplifier, suddenly turning into a screaming chainsaw. And flying around the room to break your sappy bleeps and bloops. A bulldozer on fire crushing your nads. Strange tentacles of doom rise up from the bottom of the ocean and slap your sister's asscrack."
Nothing to add.


Audio input, two audio outputs
volume CV input


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 38mm deep
The tube protrudes max 63mm
Current draw: most certainly a lot when heating after power-up. Switching power supplies are not recommended.

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