Metasonix RK3 Ringer / Shaper


The RK3 Ringer / Shaper is based on circuits of the Metasonix classics R-53 and TM-1. It utilizes a 14B11 “Compactron” pentode to process sound. This kind of tube was originally meant for TV sets, not audio applications. Heart of the RK3 is the so-called Pulser, an assembly group which “spits” irregular pulses onto incoming signals. If a waveform with sharp transitions is used, the module synchronizes erratically with the input pitch. Additionally, audio material can be distorted as well as ring modulated. The destructive, brute sound of the RK3 goes way beyond average modular components. - A circuit definitely worthy of the name Metasonix. Enjoy!



The RK3 Ringer / Shaper comes equipped with an audio input plus level potentiometer. Hot signals lead to fierce distortion. The Pulser’s behavior can be adjusted via the tune knob. Its results depend strongly on the incoming audio material, ranging from the sporadic addition of sound elements to a strange, rough sounding “resonance”. A CV / carrier input with attenuator sends signals to the screen grid of the 14B11 pentode. By applying an audio signal instead of control voltages, the user is able to generate primitive ring modulator effects. The audio output features another level potentiometer.


Audio input and output
CV / carrier input


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide
Current draw 400 mA at +12 V and 10 mA at -12 V. - Attention! While heating up, the module needs about three times more power.

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