Metasonix RKP


Very strong power solution which is designed especially for the power-hungry Eurorack modules by Metasonix. They have a very high current draw while heating up after power-up which totally overcharges most Eurorack power supplies, but not this one! Up to six modules can be connected.



The module generates each operational voltage (+12V, -12V and +5V) from separate external power supplies, for which reason the face plate has three power inlets. The RKP includes two strong switching power supplies which are responsible for +12V and -12V. The power supplies are universal and work with mains voltages from 90-250V
+5V is not of importance for Metasonix modules but maybe you need this voltage for another connected module - in this case just plug another 12V DC power supply to the third socket.


RKP is a limited module. Supply only while stock lasts.


Three inlets for external 12V DC power supplies (center positive)


3U Eurorack power module, 8HP wide, 38mm deep

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