Metasonix S-2000 Synthesizer


Metasonix´new handmade tube synthesizer has been designed to be played instantly. After 30 seconds of heat-up time it can be played with the ribbon controller. But the S-2000 is not as simple as it might sound - the two oscillators can act as resonanting filters, there are three envelopes/LFOs, CV/gate connections and even an external audio input.



The S-2000´s sound ist generated by two all-tube oscillator/filter ?operators?, with resonance variable from flat response to deep oscillation. The drive parameter is variable from clean sine wave to a distinctive distorted square/pulse wave. Frequency range from less than 10Hz to more than 3kHz. Resonate both for FM sound effects. The instrument´s level is controlled by an all-tube VCA.

Three envelope generators are there for modulation issues:

  • C1: attack-release type feeds the VCA
  • C2: attack-decay type feeds the operator-two sweep and optionally the VCA, and may be set to retrigger automatically.
  • C3 is the same as C2, but feeds the operator-one CV input.

Plus a built-in and highly-sensitive ribbon controller, which triggers C1-C3 when the ribbon is touched. Two modes are available, continuous open for pitch bending (theremin-style), and single-touch for discrete held pitches. The ribbon gives more than 3 octaves of pitch range. You can remove the ribbon controller and e.g. exchange it by a longer one to get a better resolution The ribbon manufacturer is SpectraSymbol, by the way.


CV Out, Gate Out, CV In, Gate In, Audio In (all are 3,5mm mini sockets), Audio Out (6,35mm socket)
Connector for an external 12V DC power supply.


rugged, 19" 3U aluminium housing that can be used as a desktop unit as well. Only 25mm deep, weight is 1.25kg.

Aluminium panel with yellow painted engravings. All connectors are on the front panel.

1.235 kg
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