MFB 522 Drum machine


Not in production anymore

Although being the smallest 808 clone, the MFB 522 is also one of the best currently on the market. The tiny controls for the many parameters take some time getting used to, but as far as sound is concerned the unit is truly brilliant. Bassdrum, Clap and Toms/Conga can be programmed in two or three variations per pattern.  Finally the price makes this unit a no-brainer.



Mini 808-clone with analogue sound circuitry and direct access to all parameters. Beats are choosen with held down rythm-button over a two digit number on the eight edit buttons.  The MFB 522 uses a clever funtion two program 16 Step patterns with only 8 edit buttons. Above each button there are two LEDs corrsponding to the patterns 1-2, 3-4. etc... The straight steps on 1, 3, 5 are programmed by pushing buttons alone, the others as 2,4,6 are programmed by holdin shift and pushing the button. This makes sense, is fun and very efficient.


Minijack Stereo-out, individual mono outs for Bass Drum, Clap, Snare and Hihat, Midi-in, power supply over external wallwart.


175mm x 125mm x 35mm

1 kg
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