MFB Dominon X SED


The Dominion X is MFB´s start into a new class of instruments that have a nice stable metal housing with wooden cheeks but in first place have new interesting features. The Dominion X combines analog synthesis with memory as well as patch points for interfacing with CV gear like modular systems. Three oscillators, a new multimode filter and extensive modulation possibilities for the individual oscillators, the filter and the VCA that can be assigned and set easily by rotary switches and coltrols. All this make the Dominion a flexible analog synthesizer.

In addition to the multimode filter the SED version features a great sounding Roland type low pass filter that can be overdriven.



3 identical VCOs with a very stable tuning due to processor-based temperature control. Each oscillator has triangle, sawtooth, pulse plus a ring modulator and in addition there´s white noise in the mixer section. The symmetry of all waves can be modulated i.e besides the usual pulse width modulation you can blend from sawtooth to triangle or from a triangle to a sine wave. The second and third VCO can be synchronized to the first one. Frequency modulation from VCO3 to VCO1 and 2 is possible as well. All that provides for a very interesting and wide variety of sounds.

Two completely different filters are used in the SED version:

  • The first filter is a resonant multimode filter with following selectable characteristics: 12-, 18- and 24dB/octave lowpasses, 12dB highpass, 12dB bandpass and a 6dB notch.
  • The second filter is a discrete single-ended-type filter built with transistors and it features -12dB/oct and -24dB/oct slopes. Soundwise it resembles the great Roland filters from the 1980ies and it has less noise than the Dominion´s multimode filter. When desired you can overdrive the filter input; the -12db slope clips a little earlier than the cleaner -24dB  slope.

Several controllers can modulate the cutoff frequency, not only the usual ADSR, LFO and filter tracking but you can choose the VCO and an external control voltage as modulation source. An audio input routed to the mixer allows you for using the Dominion as a filter bank.

Besides the internal modulations you can modulate the Dominion X by control voltages as well and there are several minijack CV-inputs for controlling the oscillators´ frequencies, gate, oscillator FM, sync, filter cutoff and VCA level.

The internal modulation sources are two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs with each six waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, ramp, square and sampleandhold). Assigning the modulation sources is done pretty easy with rotary switches located directly by the side of the modulation destinations. In addition the first ADSR is pre-routed to the filter cutoff and the second ADSR to the VCA´s level. Assigning the velocity is very flexible as there are 11 modulation destinations available.

There are 128 memory locations for saving your sounds. An insert socket makes it possible to loop-in external effects.

  • MIDI In, Out und Thru
  • Insert und Audioausgang (6,35mm-Klinke)
  • Eingänge für Frequenz von VCOs 1-3, Gate, FM, Sync, Mixer, Cutoff-CV und VCA-CV (3,5mm Miniklinke)

Abmessungen: 330 x 170 x 60mm.  Gewicht 1,2kg

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