MFB - Dominion 1


The flagship of MFB's analog Dominion series is the keyboard synthesizer Dominion 1 with a three-octave Fatar keyboard, velocity and aftertouch. Besides the rugged build quality the machine stands out with it's FANTASTIC sound. The VCOs have sync, separate ring modulators and wave shaping. There are 12 different filter types, 3 LFOs, 3 envelopes and two ribbon controllers. Besides MIDI you can find plenty of 3.5mm sockets for integrating the Dominion 1 in an analog setup.
A great synthesizer. It should have been named Dominion Deluxe, if you asked us!


The three VCOs are processor controlled for highest stability. Besides the pulse width you can modulate the waves' symmetry, from sawtooth to triagle and from triangle to sine. Two VCOs have an analog ring modulator, the third features a digital one. VCO1 can synchronise #2 and #3. VCO3 allows for frequency modulating VCO 1 and 2, the LFO and the third envelope control the modulation intensity.
The filter has twelve types: four low passes with different slopes, two high passes, 4 band passes and 2 notches. Several sources can be used for cutoff modulation and the resonance can be modulated as well.
For easy parameter overview the envelopes have sliders. ADSR1 controls the VCF and the VCOs, ADSR2 modulates the VCA. The 3rd envelope is an AD. There are two LFOs with five wave forms, sample & hold and one-shot functions. The third LFO has sine only and can dynamically control various parameters when using the ribbon controller. The pitch ribbon's destination can be assigned and it's intensity controlled. The modualtions are assigned easiyl and quickly with rotary switches which is great for live use.
The velocity can be routed to one of 12 sources. An arpeggiatior and Sequencer are available, the latter is able of recording glide, velocity and ribbon modulations. The Dominion 1 can communicate in an analog setup due to 26 minijack sockets for audio and control signals.


Patch field (all 3.5mm sockets):
- CV inputs for VCOs 1-3, VCF, VCA
- FM input, Sync input, ADSR 1&2 output, LFO 1&2 output, LFO2 input
- CV outputs 1-3, Gate in and out, AD output, ribbon outputs 1&2
- ext. audio input, VCF output, MIX output, master output, RM inputs X&Y

rear panel:
- MIDI In/Out/Thru (5 prong DIN sockets)
- input for sustain peal or footswitch, audio output (1/4" sockets)


553 x 394 x 100mm

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