MFB’s Loop ADSR is an exceptionally fast envelope with variable curve shapes. More precisely, you can crossfade between linear and logarithmic characteristic. Attack, decay and release phase can be edited manually plus there is a CV input per parameter. Thanks to a loop function, the module can be used as a LFO as well. The frequency goes up into the audible spectrum. In short: A great envelope for price savvy musicians!



The Loop ADSR features four potentiometers for editing attack, decay, sustain and release phases. A fifth knob allows you to crossfade between linear and logarithmic curve shapes. All time values, i.e. attack, decay and release, come equipped with a CV input. Using its loop function, the module can be transformed into a LFO. Ascending and descending flanks can then be changed via the attack and decay parameter. The envelope is activated via a gate input. On the output side, you’ll find a normal and an inverted output.


Gate input
Attack, decay and release CV inputs
Normal and inverted output


3 U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 30 mA at -12 V

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