MFB Microzwerg Mk2


The mk2 version is technically identical to the old version but it comes in a nice looking, black anodized metal housing with wooden sides.

The Microzwerg not only bridges the gap between Nanozwerg and Kraftzwerg. Due to its dual multimode-filter, it also offers an individual signal-path with specific sound potential. Microzewrg?s numerous patch connections are perfect for interfacing with other analog synthesizers or sequencers.



The Microzwerg Mk2 has two VCOs, two multi-mode filters, one ADSR envelope and two LFOs

Oscillators: VCO1: triangle, sawtooth, square and needle impulse VCO2: triangle, sawtooth, square and noise. Maximum detuning of oscillators is one octave. Oscillator synchronisation possible via a patch cable.

The two filters are 12dB/octave state variable multi-mode filters with resonance up to self-oscillation and the filter types available are low pass, band pass, high pass and notch (band reject). The filters are coupled serially for creating new filter types like dual band passes or to double the slope when both filters are set to the same filter type. By patching a cable you can set both filters parallel. there are common cutoff and resonance controls for both filters. the space control shifts the cutoff frequencies. Each filter has an own audio input e.g. for filtering external aufio signals.

The envelope is a classic ADSR type.

The two LFOs offer four waveform shapes each and a one-shot-function, where the selected waveform is played only once after a gate-trigger, thus imitating a simple envelope that might be used for pitch or VCA control. LFO 2 includes a sample and hold.
Internal modulation wirings offer LFO control over the filters? cutoff as well as the oscillators? pitch or VCO 2?s pulse width. LFO 2?s speed can be modulated by an external control voltage, allowing increasing or decreasing the speed by a factor of 30. Using this feature, MICROZWERG is capable of extreme slow and fast modulations.

The signal-path VCO 1/2-VCF 1/2-VCA as well as the common main modulations is internally prewired, so that Microzwerg can be played immediately. All further routings are created using the patch jacks. These can be used or controlled by Microzwerg itself or any compatible external device.

The Microzwerg can be controlled by MIDI from any compatible keyboard or DAW. Note commands are received as well as pitch-wheel ( /- 2 semitones) and modulation-wheel data, the latter controlling the filter?s cutoff frequency.


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Abmessungen: 190 x 150 x 50mm

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