MFB Modul Drum 05 - Snare Drum


Analog snare drum module. The circuitry is from the snare drum of MFBs 503 drum computer but it has been modified and extended with CV inputs for controlling parameters.



  • Snap is the decy time of the noise that can be up to 2 seconds.
  • Decay controls the tonal decay time of the two oscillators that can range up to one second.
  • Tune is used to set the general tunig of the snare drum. Frequency range from approx. 100 to 400 Hz.
  • Pitch controls the length of the pitch bend, while the modulation depth is fixed.
  • with D-Tune you can detune the two oscillators of the snare
  • Noise adds a analog noise to the sound to emulate the snare wires

The snare drum module can be triggered with different signals. This doesn´t have to be an analog or digital trigger signal; you can also use drum pads, piezos or dynamic microphones. You can control the input sensitivity with the Sens parameter. When using dynamic triggers, not only the volume will bea ffected but also snap, decay and pitch!


Ein Triggereingang; CV-Inputs für Snap, Decay, Tune und Pitch, jeder mit einem se
aten Abschwächer; ein Audioausgang.


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 12TE breit. Modultiefe nur 24mm. Stromverbrauch

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